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  1. bird_mama

    Is this the right F10?

    I recently received a new stainless steel cage for my CAG. It’s a bit dirty, so I wanted to give it a real deep clean. I saw that f10 was safe for birds, but when watching videos or searching forums, I only see the F10 listed for Avain usage specifically. I was wondering if this one is the same...
  2. bird_mama

    Travel with a 7 year old CAG?

    Hello! Firstly, I’m not quite sure if I am posting this in the right place so sorry in advance lol. But, I have a vacation coming up in 2months and the family member who usually watches the birds flaked out for no reason lol :( So I have no other choice but to take my birds with me, at least I...
  3. bird_mama

    Is PLA bird safe?

    Ive been in the habit of making toys since toys don’t last 4 days in Romeo’s cage. He loves cups/bowls with lids so he can forage for the goodies inside. I saw these on Amazon:https://a.co/d/chNQ7fU And I saw that the inside is coated with PLA. I just wanted to know if this would be generally...
  4. bird_mama

    Video odd bird behavior?

    Hi! So my bird does this every so often and it’s usually followed by regurgitation and stops when I pet his head. I was just wondering if anybody else’s bird does this.
  5. Jesse_EG

    Smelly Poops, lots of tests, no answers

    I'm curious to know if anyone else has had smelly poops that vets have had a hard time diagnosing and what they did to get back to normal. My African Grey (CAG) has been with us for about 6 years now and he is about 12. In June we had a full physical and wellness exam that he came out with...
  6. Kesshi

    Regurgitating Help!

    Hey everyone, first post, long time watcher. But I just recently rescued 2 Congo African greys. Beauregard is 40 and Basil is 10. they both came from an abuse situation. When I picked them up, their cages were rusted and they had maybe 2-3 perches each and Beauregard had no toys (but Basil had...
  7. bird_mama

    African grey accidentally ate his own feces?

    Hi, I know it’s probably not anything to worry about but im just making sure. My 4 year old African grey accidentally stepped in his own poo while out of his cage. He does not let me clean his feet, so I gave him water to rinse off in. While I was getting the water, I saw him clean a piece of...
  8. bird_mama

    Yaheetech bird cage grate replacement

    I posted a thread yesterday and I was recommended to contact Yaheetech about their replacement parts. Sadly, they haven’t answered my calls or emails. I’m looking for a replacement grate for my cage as my CAG finds it amusing to bite it. It would be amazing if it was stainless steel since he...
  9. S

    Urgent Worried about my CAG

    Hi everyone, I've read this forum for quite some time but these past few days have rough and I'd like to seek some advice. My congo african gray, Echo, hasn’t been doing so well lately. I rushed him to a vet yesterday and they took blood and fecal samples for lab tests, and the vet suspects he...
  10. Reds

    In need of a travel cage! Asap

    Hoping someone can help me find a travel cage for my African grey or recommend how I can make one somehow. I leave on short notice tomorrow from Maryland to North Carolina and need a travel cage for my bird to stay in with me at a hotel for a few days! I have no parrot stores around me...
  11. Reds

    Wing feathers damaged

    Hi, my 4 month old CAG has feather damage on his wings. I believe from his cage, however I’m not entirely sure what it’s from or how or to help it. He has seen the vet and the vet didn’t have any advice and wasn’t concerned about it. Any one else have advice? He is not clipped and loves to fly...
  12. Reds


    Hi everyone! Here to introduce my newest family member. A 3 1/2 month old Congo African Grey. (hatched Nov 13, 2020) First vet checkup was yesterday and vet said it looks great and healthy, was very social and even untied the vets mask! It’s gender is still unknown, dna testing was done...
  13. bird_mama

    Nuts.com? Anuts.com??

    I am trying to find the best place to find human grade nuts for my CAG. I’m mainly looking for walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds. I found nuts.com and Anuts.com; I also think I found someplace called nuts wholesale (if someone could give me the correct name please :lol:) but if anyone could tell...
  14. ConureMom95

    Preening and Pin feathers help!

    Recently adopted a rescue African Grey. It’s been a lot of work but I’ve finally gotten him to trust me enough to cuddle and give scratches. The problem now is the absurd amount of pin feathers on his head and neck! It’s been awhile since he’s had any body close enough to work on those babies...
  15. dollfish

    New CAG Arrived. 4 m/o Keeps Crying After Feeding

    Hello everyone, my new african grey Astro arrived 2 weeks ago. It is a 4 month old rescue. The previous owner reduced from 3 feedings to 2 on his own, and then when he started refusing his morning feeding, they reduced to once a day. He always had pellets, seeds and fruit available at this time...
  16. hrafn

    Video Flirting, regurgitating, or bustin a move?

    Earlier tonight when I was going about my rounds and getting everyone settled for bed, I started rocking out to the music that was playing in the Old World room. Normally Kraz and Kamara just stare at me like I'm an embarrassing idiot when I dance, but when I looked over at Mara, she was tapping...
  17. hrafn

    Video African greys certainly are genuises...

    ...but boy oh boy, do they ever have their moments. :rolleyes: I closed the upper door of Kamara's cage so that I could wipe off the usual poopy mess she makes of it every day, and she climbed all the way down the side of her cage, went in through the large lower door, climbed up to the door...
  18. Nimily

    Possibly rehoming CAG

    About 6 years ago, my husband and I adopted a 10 year old Congo African Grey named Henry, who is now 16 years old, and we're considering the devastating option to re-home him. We adopted him at the same time as our Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo (who we also might have to re-home, but we hope...
  19. Tser

    ChuChu the African grey needs a new cage!

    I am thoroughly owned by ChuChu, a Congo African grey parrot. She is the best parrot in the entire world, of course. I have had her since 1998, when she was just a few months old. Her favorite past times are destroying things, throwing food on the floor, watching her favorite shows on TV...
  20. Doctress

    Pictures Travel cage for CAG

    I’m trying out this cage for Smoky Blue- only for short transport and evacuation if needed. We went to the vet today :) He’s a great model Pics: