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Baby Budgies with foot issues


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Hi, just after a bit of advice. We have two young Budgies both with the same issue. They have been on the floor since leaving the nest box and struggle to perch. It seems they are only able to grip with/move one foot hence why they’re struggling.

We took them to our local avian vet on Monday who said they were fine and that nothing was physically wrong with their feet and they were in working order. He recommended bringing them inside in a cage (they were previously in the indoor section of an aviary) with a soft floor and said that they may never perch or fly but they are not in pain and as long as they seem happy that would be fine.

I don’t like to question a vet but from watching them in the cage and gently handling them it really does seem as if they can’t grip with one of their feet. They get around ok on the floor of the cage by hopping and using their wings to help them along but when they attempt to climb or perch they are unable to cling on. They are eating and drinking well and chirping away to each-other so seem ok apart from the foot issue. Currently thinking of getting a second opinion due to doubting how well they are able to use their foot. however our next closest avian vet doesn’t usually treat patients over 40 mins away (we’re 45). I’m hoping that if we explain the situation they would perhaps be able to do a video call or make exception to see them if required.

I have done a lot of reasearch and the only things I can find which seem to commonly cause foot issues are kidney tumours or a Stoke both of which I would like to think are unlikely due to their age and the fact both have the same problem. More than happy to adapt an environment for them to make it easier on them only using one foot if it is just a deformity and something which is not causing them any pain.

Sorry for the long post just wondering if anyone has had similar or has any suggestions on what could be causing the issue.


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Welcome Chloe,

Currently thinking of getting a second opinion
I think this is a good idea.

who said they were fine and that nothing was physically wrong with their feet and they were in working order
This from the vet does not seem to align with how you are describing your birds, so clearly something is wrong. Plus there are two chicks that are in the same position.

I hope the next vet can give you some answers :fingerscrossed: