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How to prevent breeding


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Hello! I am very new to this and I'm not sure if this is even where I ask questions, but today I got my very first pet budgies!

They're both siblings, but I was told they couldn't determine the gender since they're too young, and then it dawned on me that what would happen if they turned out to be brother and sister? So my question is, will they breed with each other once they've matured? How do I prevent that from happening? If the girl happens to lay eggs, what do I do about that? There's still so much for me to learn, but I am mostly concerned about this since its a possibility and I have absolutely no clue how to go about it. Any feedback and tips is greatly appreciated! :)


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You let them go about their business. If any eggs are laid you replace them immediately with appropriate fake egg. Get them here. -> DummyEggs.com, Dummy Eggs Help Stop Egg Laying in Pet Birds! Fake Eggs, Solid Plastic Eggs in all sizes. and then you let them continue about their business. Do not provide any kind of nesting opportunities that might stimulate such behaviour.

No matter whether they are fertile or not. Or whether you think they are not is of little consequence. Destroy those eggs. There is no embryo in those eggs until they have been actively incubated for a number of days.