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budgie cage

  1. BudgieLove

    New Cage

    New cage for Nellie & Kev… so far they love it and exploring perch on top of cage…. Fully supervised at moment while they are on the top as I am teaching them how to get in & out of the cage safely. I feel this is a good spot as they have the wall when in cage to feel secure and window to look...
  2. FeatheredM

    Good Bird cages?

    I'm looking for a good Quality Bird Cage between 100$ and 200$. My last Cage was built wrong, so the bar spacing is too Big for the budgies, any sugestions are welcome!
  3. F

    Pictures Is my budgie ill? Need advice ASAP

    For some context, I've had this shy budgie for over 2 years now; she hasn't been very friendly towards me ever since her partner died last year but she does hop around the cage and chirp to other birds whenever she is outside. I haven't been able to feed her anything else besides store-bought...
  4. rebecca252

    Should I move my budgie out of the flocks cage?

    Hi! So, currently, I have three budgies in the same flight cage (Percy, Calypso and Grover). Calypso and Grover seem to be more bonded to one another, as Percy used to be bonded with our other budgie, Nico, who passed away last year. At the time, I thought Percy would benefit from living with...
  5. J

    Separating Budgies

    Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right thread. My newest budgie Sky has been in the same cage as my original budgie Blu, but I think Sky has been stressing Blu out a bit lately, being a bit territorial and so on. I have separated them this morning, they've not hurt each other or...
  6. MPCacatúa

    Cage Setup for 4 Budgies

    Hello! I wanted to share my cage set up and ask if there are any improvements I should make? Also- how can I get more toys and such in the lower half so they can enjoy their whole enclosure? (most of my toys hang from the ceiling of the cage) Also- they are allowed out of the cage daily! The...
  7. AmberC

    Budgie Cage Tour

    This is my budgie cage, it houses 2 male flighted budgies called Spyro and Sammy. It includes: • 8 Natural branch perches of all different sizes and textures • 6 Toys (Massive planet pleasures order on the way!) • 1 Swing • 1 Mirror • 1 Playgym on the top of the cage • 3 Stainless...
  8. rebecca252

    Thoughts on cage setup?

    this is my flight cage set up for my three budgies, Percy, Calypso and Grover. Over lockdown, they’ve been pretty much free roaming, but I’m going back to school, meaning they’ll be in their cages a lot more than usual. Just want to know if everyone thinks this is enough of an enriching...
  9. rebecca252

    Is this a good cage set up?

    Hi! This cage is a Prevue flight cage, for my three babies, Grover, Cal and Percy. Does anyone have anything they would add / take out / change? I’m striving to make their cage the best it could possibly be. feel free to post your own budgie cages below!!
  10. qiaolintan

    Should I put my budgies in the same cage?

    I have 2 budgies, a boy (Rain) and a girl (Tro). Tro and Rain are currently in separate cages but I've noticed that Rain is constantly hanging out at Tro's cage whenever I let them out. Every morning after breakfast, he paces in front of his cage door until I let him out and he goes straight to...
  11. miya

    Perch VS Toy Ratio in Cage?

    Hey everyone, just a question that I've been thinking about lately. Is there a ballpark estimate of how occupied a cage should be in terms of perches and toys? More perches than toys, vice versa, about the same ratio? I want them to have enough to do but I don't want to overstuff the cage...
  12. kifird

    New cage for my budgie!

    So I found a really great deal for a cage for my single budgie, and I bought it and set it up today, and my budgie hopped right in! Very glad and very excited for my budgie to be in a larger cage finally. I am concerned that I didn't space it out correctly, because I put the natural and rope...
  13. kifird

    What noises are my budgies making?

    Hey folks, I'm new to the forum and to keeping birds in general, and I'm interested what my sound my budgie is making. I don't have video of it, but one of my friends recorded it when we were in a middle of a conversation over discord. Info: My bird is 11-ish weeks old Gender: I don't know...
  14. Reggie

    I Accidentally Spoiled My Birds Once Again...

    So I got some birthday money, and the first things that came to mind were some bird supplies I'd had my eye on! I accidentally went a little overboard, and now I wanna show everyone how spoiled my budgies really are! This is their cage as of Friday night. I'd just cleaned it! It's a You & Me...