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Egg-Laying Cockatiel


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I have a female cockatiel that i rescued (have no history) in January 2023, and she has laid 2 eggs (each one day apart). Unfortunately she has decided her nest spot is the crevace in my desk and is incubating the (unfertilised) eggs there, and will not eat or drink (without me hand feeding her) and just sit there all day, and when I go near her she attacks me (which i understand is normal). However, I am worried about her not getting enough nutrients / energy for laying. Today (day after second egg was layed) I called the vet and asked what to do, she said I can move the eggs to the cage and take away my desk (her original nest), as its an issue if she isnt eating or drinking. This is what I did, she wont take any notice to the eggs in the bottom of the cage and is now instead screaming frantically (obviously stressed) and trying to fly over to where my desk once was. However, she is eating and drinking now from the bowls in the cage. I want to know what to do? If she is stressed is it fatal? or should i worry more about her eating / drinking? Should just wait overnight to see if she stops screaming etc. and calms a bit? I think she might lay another egg tomorrow, so i dont know what to do. pls help


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It is likely she will calm down. It is more important that she is eating and drinking than getting upset over eggs, generally.

Hopefully she will lay her egg with the others and it will be ok.

The next time she lays an egg out of her cage, move it immediately to the cage.

If she stops laying (numerous days go by with no egg), and does not brood the eggs, remove them, shuffle the cage around (move perches, toys, food water etc), rotate the cage or move it a metre or two. Be sure the day hours are bright (can use an LED lamp in the corner of the room to increase brightness if you live in a grey place), and let her have 12 hours undisturbed sleep.

Jot down the dates her eggs are laid in a calendar or diary and keep records. Cockatiels are more prone to excessive/chronic egg laying.