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Do lovebirds feel sad or confused when you take their young?


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I'm somewhat new to lovebird breeding. This is my second clutch and they just turned 3 weeks old so I've moved them over to their own cage so I can take over the feedings. And basically I'm wondering if the mom feels sad or confused when this happens? Should it be a slow transition where I still let the mom see her babies every once in awhile or is it better for it to just be a clean break? I'd like to make sure I'm doing what's best for the babies and I know hand feeding is the way to go. But I can't help feeling a little sad for the mother randomly not having her babies around.


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What is your plan with the chicks?

I took my birds chicks at 3.5 weeks, but allowed daily interaction with those who stayed here. The pair are still very close to their first two chicks, their cages are side by side and they spend a lot of their time together in and out of the cage. I have never bred a clutch from my own birds and not kept any of the chicks.
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