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blue and gold

  1. hrafn

    Video I think there's someone at the door!

    Hello? Who is it? :D (Aka "excuse me, just because I'm on my sleep perch and I've been beak grinding for an hour and I tucked my beak back into my feathers, that doesn't mean its time for bed; open that door!") :rolleyes:
  2. hrafn

    Pictures Does Mr Taco need a beak trim?

    I'm still a big ol' dunce when it comes to macaws, so maybe I'm overreacting and Taco's beak is a-ok, but it looks pretty long to me so I thought I'd consult the macaw squad. :D
  3. hrafn

    Who doesn't love a Taco?!

    I said I would do it, and I've done it! Taco, the beautiful and horrendously neglected B&G, is home and safe! It look a lot of saving and a lot of needling friends to borrow their trucks, but it was so worth it. The pictures on Kijiji were enough to make me sick -- seeing him in the flesh, in...
  4. issajoy

    Screaming before Sneezing

    Hi everybirdie! This is Ollie. She's a sweet baby girl, she's 9 months old now and I can't believe it! She loves to play and eats well, and really overall is very well behaved. But for some reason, every time she has to sneeze, she will SCREAM before hand! It's so strange, I'm not sure...
  5. Madi8416

    Special Needs Home

    I have been taking care of birds for a few years now -- I started off with a little budgie, whom I still have, and have worked my way up to a macaw. I have had all types of birds: Finch, canaries, wrens, starlings, doves, Quakers, parakeets, cockatoos, cockatiels, and macaws, etc. Many of the...
  6. issajoy

    Macaw weights?

    Hi everybirdie, I was wondering what most of your macaws weigh, and how old they are, ect. My Ollie weighed 787g when she was weighed at the vet at the beginning of November, I weighed her today for the first time (scale FINALLY came in the mail), and she's only up to 830g. I was wondering if...
  7. issajoy

    Pictures Surprise gender reveal?

    Hi! As some of you may know, I recently adopted my beautiful Ollie at the beginning of November... Well when we met Ollie, the breeder was SOOOOOOO sure Ollie was male. I've had past experience with a tortoise being told it was one gender when really it was the other, so of course I got DNA...
  8. issajoy

    New Juvi Macaw!

    Hello! My name is Melissa and I've recently adopted a precious juvi blue and gold macaw. His name is Ollie and he loves to play, take naps, cuddle, and try to talk! We look forward to being a part of this community and cant wait to hear all about everyone's birdies :)
  9. pez0910

    Flightsuit help??

    Hello everyone I'm trying to train my B&G to accept a flightsuit so I can take her outside, and it's going okay. Except there's a slight problem. She lets me put it on her fine, but she viciously bites when I try to take it off. I'm still bleeding from her. I've tried alternatives, such as...
  10. pez0910

    Harness training my macaw

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I'm trying to harness train my B&G because I've seen her gazing out the window, wanting to go out. She's not afraid of the harness and willingly sticks her head through the head hole but once it's on she panics at the sensation of it being...
  11. Cosmo

    Hello from Arizona

    Hey everyone, I joined a while ago but never posted. Anyways just wanted to introduce myself and my baby. I've got one blue and gold macaw, Cosmo, that's going to be five months old on November 28th. We're still waiting on the dna test to come back do we can find out if Cosmo is a boy or girl...
  12. Tempted2Touch

    Harrison's reviews

    What is everyone's opinion about Harrison's organic bird food? Which would you experienced macaw owners suggest? Quality and price opinions? Do you notice any visible changes in your macaws? Why do vets recommend it? What are the down sides, if any? What about Harrison's treats...
  13. C

    Urgent HELP my blue and gold macaw has red puffy itchy eye

    hello, the past few nights i have heard my macaw sneezing in the middle of the night. (she sleeps in the same room as me) and i didn't think much of it because during the day she doesn't at all... but tonight she clearly has an irritated eye and is keeping it closed and itching it. I am...