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blue and gold

  1. M

    Looking to reconnect: Maya the B&G macaw in Chicago!

    Hello, My name is Skylar! I am looking to reconnect with a blue and gold macaw my parents rehomed shortly after I was born. Her name is Maya and she was born in 1991. My moms are veterinarians and they had a baby blue and gold come in to the emergency room with a burned esophagus and the...
  2. flyzipper

    Hybrid macaw in the wild

    I follow this account on Instagram (mostly for the flock of Severe macaws they often feature), but this image caught my attention... ... I asked if that was common, and you can see their response above.
  3. B

    New member, I’d like to introduce my macaw!

    Meet my Blue and Gold macaw! Theres not really too much more to it than that
  4. hrafn


    I was eight years old when I met a macaw for the first time. My eldest sister had just got a job at The Village Cantina, a quaint little Mexican restaurant with a very volatile poltergeist, a truly amazing guacamole, and two beautiful, enormous parrots. I didn’t know at the time what they were...
  5. hrafn

    Helping Taco build up strength in his feet?

    Presumably because he spent over a decade with only a single (cockatiel-sized, dowel) perch in his cage, which forced his toes to constantly overlap, Taco's grip in his feet is about as powerful as the average marshmallow. Though he does okay when it comes to traversing his cage and getting...
  6. hrafn

    Pictures A second macaw?

    Don't freak out, I haven't done anything yet. :p So, for all of my fellow mac enthusiasts with multiple birds, what do you think...would Taco benefit from the companionship of a second macaw? I have the opportunity to potentially bring in another male B&G; a healthy, 14-year-old giant Bolivian...
  7. hrafn

    Pictures Taco needed a bigger foraging box...

    This one's four feet long. Hopefully it'll last him a little while longer than usual. :D:D
  8. hrafn

    Video Dancin' fool!

    Taco hates dancing on camera, so I had to go covert to get this. He got wise to my stealth, though. :D He's such a cutie. I replayed this part of Zoolander a good 30 times because he was having so much fun rocking out to the song. :disco:
  9. hrafn

    The mango meister has joined in the screech-fest

    Though Kraz and Aurélie are both first-rate screamers and live to shriek at each other across the hallway, Taco and Kamara have always been very quiet and well-mannered. Of course they always join in the Dawn Chorus and they like to chat, but their hollers are few and far between. But Taco has...
  10. hrafn

    Pictures I just love 'im

    Photodump just because he's cute. :D
  11. hrafn

    Pictures Anyone have opinions on A&E aviaries?

    I've been on the hunt for a big, beautiful new cage for Taco since I brought him home in May, and I just happened across a walk-in aviary on Kijiji for 40% off the retail price in great condition. It's 62"×62"×79" with inch-wide bar spacing, and I'm allllll over the idea of Taco having such a...
  12. hrafn

    Pictures Taco broke his beak -_-

    Remember when I joked about this kid needing to be swathed in bubble wrap? :shifty: Pro tip: When you're getting so excited over a new toy that you've already bonked yourself hard on your cage bars twice, maybe you should stop smashing it for a second and let your mom move it to a safer...
  13. hrafn

    Pictures Taco is plucking and barbering again...

    When I adopted Taco, it was obvious to me that he'd been plucking and barbering his feathers for a long time. His old owners claimed it had been his mate, Trixie, stealing feathers off of him to line her many nests, but considering his abuse and neglect (and the fact that Trixie had died, but...
  14. hrafn

    Video Macaw purrs :D

    Is anything cuter than a purring mac? :cloud9: Taco's getting ready for a nap, giving himself his usual pre-snooze scritch fest, and purring up a storm. Man, this cage is ugly. I can't wait to get him a big, pretty new one! (Sorry for the unsteady camera work, it's super zoomed in lol)
  15. hrafn

    I gave Taco a bad fright; his fear of sticks is getting worse...

    Taco, Kamara and Kraz are all afraid of sticks, but Taco's fear has been getting worse and it's come to the point where anything even resembling a stick being in his line of sight is terrifying. Kraz and Kamara are only afraid when sticks are in their space or coming near them, but Taco will go...
  16. hrafn

    Pictures Wild Thing Contest -- Taco's goodies have arrived!

    There's one happy macaw in the hrafn household tonight!! :D I've wanted to get Senõr Destructor an Impenetrable Block for ages, and what better time?! The amazing @Macawnutz even threw in a couple of foot toys for him to demolish. :heart: He's having insane amounts of fun, and I'm in...
  17. hrafn

    Video Can anyone tell what he's saying??

    This is Taco's favourite thing to say, and despite multitudinous efforts I still have NO idea what he's saying. So I thought maybe someone here might have more luck. :D
  18. hrafn

    Bringing Taco to work?

    Has anyone ever brought their fid(s) to work with them? What are the things to consider? I had the idea to dress as a pirate this hallowe'en and bring Taco along as me first mate (to the surprise of no one, lol) but I don't want to do anything that could cause him undue stress. I work in...
  19. hrafn

    911 Taco may be dying **UPDATE** Taco is NOT dying

    A moment ago, a car backfired on the street while Taco was playing on top of his cage, and he leapt into the air in shock and flew head-first into the wall. He seemed fine (if a little dazed) when I picked him up, and he asked to go back into his cage, as he always does when he gets hurt or...
  20. hrafn

    Video Kisses!

    Caught this on camera by accident while we were playing. He loves leaning in when I make kissy noises, but he pressed his big ol' beak right into mine. :D Probably just a one-off before I keep my distance because I don't need a nose piercing, but isn't this boy just the cutest? Excuse the bad...