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biting bird

  1. S

    Handling issues

    Hi all! My peach faced baby is nearly 6 months old. When we got him at 3 months he was supposed to be hand-raised but the breeder really struggled to catch him and it was obvious he hadn’t been handled at all. (I say he but we have no clue as of yet) We’ve been attempting to tame him and I think...
  2. bobocon

    GCC- How to make him calmer/comfortable?

    Hiya, new here so bear with!! I very recently got a GCC whom I rehomed as his previous owner didn’t have the time anymore. He’s 3yrs and 6m. I’ve had him barely a week so I’m really just looking for some vague advice as I’ve read a lot of posts but none that align with him perfectly, because all...
  3. M

    Concerned about youngest bird

    Hey! I only plan to use this account for this one question, I'm seriously having a hard time right now :/ So in 2021, I got a new bird! His name is Ocarina. I've wanted another bird for a bit because my current bird, Majora, was alone throughout the day. Might not be necessary info, but my...
  4. J

    Conure Biting

    Hi all - I'm writing to see if anyone can help, because my green cheek conure is biting me, hard, and drawing blood regularly. It is getting to the point where I don't like him very much anymore. I'd like to (respectfully) preempt two lanes of advice I've read that are not applicable here...
  5. P

    Biting when stepping up!

    Hello everyone, A few days ago I bought a new green cheek conure. The breeder said he is around 10 months old and a male. He has been hand reared. However, every time I take him out of the cage and ask him to step up he has been biting me. I have read online that this is because he is hand shy...
  6. H

    Never been out of a cage, need advice

    I just got my first bird three days ago from a privately owned pet store. He's a cockatiel that's just over a year old and I named him Winston. He is an absolute sweetheart and took to me immediately. Within the first 10 minutes of me putting him in his flight cage, he was already eating and...
  7. zar1

    Help me please desperate really desperate

    Hi everyone. I need some serious advice. It’s been about 5-6 months since I adopted my Green cheek conure from a pet store. Butter is about 7 months old. He‘s a very friendly bird to an extent. I’ve taught him a range of tricks that include using my hand and he’s been very receptive towards it...
  8. conureluv

    Biting because of glasses?

    I just got glasses a couple days ago and my GCC (M) has been biting me constantly on my face and hands. I think it’s because he hates my glasses. He also tries to chew on the frames. How can I help him stop chewing on me?
  9. Tibby_blu

    Budgie picking my skin

    TW: scabs, some blood and scars. Hi, my budgie (taro) used to be fine with me and only nibble me lightly if there was something she didn't like, but recently she's been picking my skin with her beak and it's so sore! I've tried telling her no, tried ignoring her and nothing is helping, i...
  10. C

    Aggressive Alex

    Hello, I have a rescue Alexandrine that has a terrible fear of hands and arms. She’ll happily sit on my chest, head, shoulder and legs but will bite, attack and squawk at the mere sight/presence of my hands and/or arm. She is also petrified of the stick I have been trying to use to remove her...
  11. J

    Biting cockatiel

    Ive had my cockatiel since she was abt 1mth old (I've even hand fed her for a few day). Buy she doesn't seem to fully trust me even though it's been 7mths together. She will let me scritch her head but will bite me if I touch her wings/back (in her cage). When she's outside, sometimes when I try...
  12. P

    Biting outside the cage

    So I've had my lovebird Peaches for about 8 months now, and she's about 10 months this month. Recently, she's recovered from metal poisoning and today is her last day on those meds. I haven't really been able to train her to take the syringe on her own (and believe me, I have tried ;-; ) so I...
  13. K

    Conure Wants to Cuddle, Once I Pet Him He Bites Hard! PLEASE HELP!

    This is a long post, but I really need help. I've had my conure for over a year and a half, and I'm still struggling to figure him out ): I have a Yellow-Sided Green-Cheeked Conure named Mowgli. He is 1 year and 9 months old, and I've had him for 1 year and 5 months now. I don't know the gender...
  14. D

    Conure aggressive biting

    HI, im new here. I have a green cheek conure that is almost 5 months old. Hes been really sweet but the past few weeks hes been aggressive. He flies to the floor and when i tell him to step up he bites me and it takes me atleast 5min to get him off the floor. I say no bite to him, i wiggle my...
  15. A

    Conure Just Won't Stop Biting

    Hi, I've recently gotten Kiwi, a green cheek conure, I've had him for 2 weeks now (he's 5 months old) and he has adjusted well and has been a joy to be with. However, anytime I put my hands near him, he will run towards them and try to bite. I let him adjust to his new surroundings for about a...
  16. Beakz

    Bluffing or aggressive?

    Hi! My baby super sweet (not so much anymore) 7/8 month old Indian Ringneck is biting the LIVING CRAP out of me. My fingers are FULL of bites. And I’ve reason on the bluffing phase , and how I’m not supposed to react to the bites and I don’t, at least I haven’t until recently he’ll bite me RIGHT...
  17. D

    Cockatiel throwing fits. Seperation anxiety?

    I’m new to this forum. My cockatiel is nearly 2 years old, I’ve had him since march 2019 and we’ve been closely bonded ever since. I recently moved into a new apartment with a new roomate and started a new job all at once & since then he’s become a nightmare. I believe he’s developed severe...
  18. mangobird

    Conure developing biting behavior

    Hi everyone. I've had my jenday conure Kahlo for about a month now :) He's always been a bit on the timid side, but recently, anytime I put out my finger and ask him to step up, he bites like bloody hell and leaves holes all over my finger :shifty: He always seems to get aggressive when I try to...
  19. S

    Need some help

    Hello guys. Let me introduce my birds. I have a 1-year old female cinnamon cockatiel and I recently got a (I'm guessing) 5-month old male whiteface pied cockatiel. I'm having problems with both birds. The female and the male get along fine for the most part. However I only see the female...
  20. pelmenyi

    Quinn the biter

    Budgies are cute and tiny with big personalities. And then theres Quinn, my tamed budgie. I decided to purchase him at a store when I was out buying some supplies because he seemed to be the most dominant one and was bullying every other bird so I thought why the hell not? I brought him home and...