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biting bird

  1. Pennys People

    Umbrella Cockatoo dislikes women

    So.... We adopted Penelope, a 35 year old Cockatoo. Her owner had passed and the wife had a love/hate relationship with the bird and had to part with it. She wanted to do more with Penelope but was afraid to let her out of her cage due to biting episodes. I was warned that she hated females and...
  2. F

    10 month old Conure Sudden Agression

    My 10 month old conure, Manny, recently started attacking a few people - people who he knows and has been gentle with. He’s been nippy with me and other people but it’s just nippy baby stuff which hurts, yeah, but he never showed aggressive body behavior when doing it. Yesterday he attacked my...
  3. T's Bird Gang

    Mom of Four Rescued Conures

    Hello from Arizona, Currently in our home, we have four adopted Conures. All have come from our local rescue organization, TheTucson Parrot Rescue. We currently have, Lupe Guadalupe-a green cheek conure (female 8 yrs), Alvin!-Blue Crown Conure (male 21 yrs), Sweet Pea- Conure (female 3 yrs)...
  4. Jene

    Pictures Hello, I'm a new Amazon Owner

    Hello, A little about me, I'm a mom, work part time, two kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and now a Amazon parrot owner/pet parent. It all started 5 1/2 years ago when my daughter adopted a Cockatiel (Lutino). About 6 mo ago my husband adopted a recue Conure (Jenday/Sun mix) know for his/her grumpiness...
  5. S

    Some help giving my bird the best life I possibly can.

    I feel the weight of responsibility to any animal we take from the wild. Even bred animals are being denied there true freedom. So in light of that I am struggling with a 3 year old conure. I got a deal on craigslist. The bird at that time 8 months old was biting the teenage children and drawing...