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Concerned about youngest bird


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Hey! I only plan to use this account for this one question, I'm seriously having a hard time right now :/

So in 2021, I got a new bird! His name is Ocarina. I've wanted another bird for a bit because my current bird, Majora, was alone throughout the day. Might not be necessary info, but my parents pushed to get a bird from this new pet store where they were selling the hi-red pineapple green cheeks, but I had the feeling I shouldn't get one just yet, and felt uncomfy the whole time looking at this pet store. So after my dad told one of the workers we were interested, the worker took what would've been Ocarina and their sibling out. Their sibling was more confident, got out of the cage quite fine a flew everywhere. On the other hand, Ocarina didn't want to come out, was very skittish, and tried to get away. The whole time this guy was showing us the birds, he was chasing them, trying to grab them out of the air and when they landed on the wall, he'd push his hand onto them and grab them so they wouldn't escape. The whole time I felt HORRIBLE for these birds, but I was pushed by my parents at the time and I ended up choosing the skittish Ocarina so that I could have a better chance at Majora and Ocarina getting along.

Cut to now, Ocarina and Majora do get along! However, I have some concerns. I don't know if there's something wrong with Ocarina which has caused his behavioral issues, or whether I'm not doing enough. He has anger issues, no doubt in my mind. I thought Majora had anger issues but he'd at least give me a warning bite. Ocarina full-on chases you until he can bite you. I've tried calmly moving away, he still chases me with no intention of stopping the bites, I've tried doing quick blows into his face and while it stops him for a bit he gets more pissed off and lightly shaking my arm makes him latch on more. He doesn't like being touched at all, even with training. I have fed him from hand and he's perfectly fine with that and mostly hangs on my shoulder and grooms my hair, which has to mean he likes me. In the cage, he likes being right next to Majora any chance he gets. Sometimes when Majora is right at the bars, you will see Ocarina right above him resting on Majora. It's cute, but if it's a potential problem I want to know. The biggest concern I have though is that whenever I notice it (aka when he's out the cage) he goes to the bathroom every minute. He's skinny for a green cheek his age, so it concerns me he has a problem with him. At some points, he's only peed when going to the bathroom. No solids or white parts which concerned me even more. His solids are fine, changes whenever he eats and no diarrhea from what I know. I've asked my parents to take him and Majora to the vet for a check-up but they don't want to pay vet bills until something actually happens. I can't drive nor do I earn an income so it's impossible for me to get them anywhere myself. I don't know whether it's the trauma from the pet store, I am doing something wrong or maybe he's in pain and it's causing him to lash out? Could someone help me, please? :(

(Just in case you want more info, Majora was from a different pet store I trusted more, especially because I did voluntary work so I saw how they ran, fed the birds, etc)


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