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Young Linnie looking for fingers to bite


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Hi there. I hope this is the right thread. I've had my 4 month old Linnie - Peewee - for about a month and a half now. I started off by hand feeding her so she would get used to my hand being near. If I put my finger up to her, she would 'beak' it and have a taste. She was very unproblematic as a newbie.

Fast forward to now, and she will actively search for my fingers so she can growl+grunt and bite me... HARD :dead:. She's more than happy to bother me whilst I'm busy, get in my business and climb all over me, but the moment she sees my fingers (unmoving) she will run down my arm and grab ahold of them angrily. It is getting to the point where I don't even want to let her out or try to physically engage with her whilst she is out. She does it in the cage, out the cage, on my bed, in the hallway, you name it.

What on earth could this be? I have been told by someone that it will most likely be a time, love and patience thing. But I am wondering if it could be something else that I am not realising? I am aware of the hand shyness, but this is more than shyness. Its a full-blown hatred :huh:. I would do absolutely anything for this bird, but losing my fingers is where I draw the line. :arghh::confused::hilarious:


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My Gigi is hand shy. She does not like my hands near her and if in the mood she might try to bite.

If this was my situation I would cover up my hands when interacting with her. Just break this pattern. Don't put your hands and fingers near her at all, just let her climb on you, hang out with you, while tucking your hands at your side or under you. Or wear a long sleeve top and put it over your hands. Cross your arms and tuck your hands in. I bet if you have some bite free interactions over the next week or so, she will stop this behavior.