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  1. GeezLouise

    Fungus on beak or what?

    I noticed this today on Louise. She is eating and drinking fine so I am not terribly worried for now. It has been so incredibly dry here, I’m trying to combat it with a humidifier but it seems to only do so much. Could low humidity be the cause? What are your thoughts?
  2. T

    Urgent What is wrong with my quakers beak?

    My quaker is almost 10 years old. Other than her beak, everything seems fine. It's flakey and has a purple tone to it.
  3. EmmahJadee

    Is paw paw ointment safe for parrots

    Hi guys, I'm new here and have a question that I can't seem to find the answer for anywhere else. Does anyone know if paw paw ointment is safe for parrots? I'm asking because I'd like to apply it to my two alexandrines beak's as they are molting and peeling, I thought this may help the process...
  4. linkous101

    Bird beak

    The bottom left of my haans macaw beak keeps over growing. We buy him wood toys in an effort for him to use them but he never does. Im worried about him and it is very expensive to get him beak trimmed over and over. It costs 200 per trimming. Any help is greatly appreciated
  5. GeezLouise

    Bloody Beak

    My Green Cheeks lower beak looks to have chipped (?) and has a small amount of visible blood in it. She is still eating fine, using her beak and grinding so I wonder if this is just from the molt she’s going through ??? I’ll try to get a photo. It’s also been a very stressful time for her in...
  6. J

    Bird lost his bottom beak

    We don’t know what happened but I’m pretty sure he was at the top of the door and one of the kids closed the door while he was on top. Anyways we are devastated. Took him to the vet and ran us up almost $2000 but we love him so it’s totally worth it. We haven’t seen him back yet but the dr said...
  7. tiasin

    Urgent Plz Is it normal?

    My bird Loula came to me around 3 months old, his beak/ upper beak (near nose area) is very smooth back to then. his beak is getting flaky or thickening (I don’t know how to describe this) not long after I take care of him. I was wondering if I was not taking good care of him enough.:( The place...
  8. L

    Beak problem?

    Hello! A small part of my cockatiels beak seems to be falling off. Is this normal?
  9. Pastel

    Urgent Budgie scaly mites?

    Hi everyone, I just noticed crust around my two budgie's ceres... do you guys think it's scaly mites? Their beaks were fine just yesterday... i could also be the new veggie chop i gave them (i change my recipe every batch i make and the vet says it's fine if they're used to constant change)...
  10. Q

    Urgent How can I properly feed a budgie that lost half of his upper mandible?

    Hello! My budgie has lost a part of his upper mandible in February. Recently, he started not being able to de-husk seeds. Now, I am feeding him dehusked millet seeds, but I heard that they are high-fat and low protein. What can I feed him for a balanced diet? Also, how can the beak problem be...
  11. Birdsbirbs

    Unsure if this is a normal beak appearance...

    Hey all, So Chewy paid a visit to the vet last month and all seemed well. I had them file his beak because there was a bit of a top layer that had developed on it. I know that flakey beaks are normal during moulting, however to vet said to keep an eye on it because overgrowth can be related to...
  12. ZY28

    Flaky beak on green cheek conure

    Hello, So my 4 month old green cheek conure has always had flaky beak since I got him from the breeder. Is it necessary that I go visit the vet? Or is it a natural thing and I should not worry to much about it? Is there anything I could do to make it batter? There is nothing anormal with him...
  13. S

    Why does my budgie have bad breath?

    Hello! I'm extremely new to this forum but I had a quick question for any budgie owner that may know. [ I have an avian vet appointment set for next week on Friday (the closest date they had available), but I am concerned if this issue requires me to do a walk-in for emergency care or if it...
  14. J

    Beak injury?

    Hi there, I'm an owner of a close to 1yr old cockatiel, she's my first bird. Yesterday, she flew into a wall while I let her out. She does not show any visible injuries but I think her beak is injured. She is very hesitant of climbing her cage and only eats her millets, she does not eat her...
  15. Pym

    Missing nose fuzz on love bird

    Hello! This Is my first post so yeah... To start off, I'm pretty new to owning a parrot. I did own one when I was younger but I don't remember much about it. I would say im pretty knowledgable on how to care for a bird correctly and I take all the precautions to ensure my bird is safe, happy...
  16. B

    Cockatiel beak

    This might be a stupid question but I just noticed my cockatiels beak is always partially open, and he can’t seem to close it. Is this normal or should I see a vet? I’ve looked at other pictures of cockatiels on the internet and some have their beak closed while some are open so I wanted to make...
  17. M

    Flaky budgie cere?

    Hi, so I’ve already posted this on Healthy Highway but I thought I might get more input from this thread ———————————————————— Hi guys, I have two budgies, Kiwi (male - green) and Winter (female - blue) and I've noticed recently that they have flaky ceres. I know that the cere is supposed to...
  18. S

    my bird needs her beak trimmed, i need advice

    Hello! I’ve seen posts on this site in the past about many cockatiel related questions I had before, which seemed to help me out. But, I can’t find anything related to this so I am reaching out for advice. My situation is that I have a cockatiel who I’ve had for little over 3 years now. I...
  19. CGrillo

    Is this a bruise?

    This week a noticed a reddish brown mark appear on Luke’s beak. The mark isn’t flaky or anything and it looks like it’s flat and apart of the beak. You can see another section of his beak is trying to grow so I think he might have hurt himself but I’m not sure. He does come out of the cage and...
  20. Wordbird23

    Blood on beak?

    I came home from work and saw that my bird had blood right above the black arrow. It’s not much and wasn’t super fresh. I out some clot gel on it just in case it started to bleed again. The gel also has a disinfect in it. There appears to be a bit of blood on his perches where he rubs his beak...