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  1. Alayna

    Blackish Part on Baby WBC

    So I have a White Bellied Caique named Lily whose just coming up on her first hatch day. Every since I got her shes had this black shadow on her beak that has grown since her beak has grown. Her beak is mostly horn colored with just a little bit of blackish shadow in the right corner of her...
  2. Zara

    Beak grinding

    It is that blissful time of day again... 2.30pm :fairy2: All my feathered friends have returned to their cages for an afternoon snooze. My living room is silent.... except the sounds of multiple birds beak grinding! 5 of them to be precise - Aldora is busy preening under her wing. It is beak...
  3. Violaxo

    Urgent Weird Beak

    Hey! Me and my budgie viola are new to avian avenue, so I’m not sure if this is the best place to post/ask this but what does it mean when her beak looks like this ? It seems chipped at the end... She’s about 5 months old I think ...
  4. F

    Macaw beak irritation?

    I brought home my blue and gold macaw today, everything going fine he's settling in nicely. Just recently maybe a good 15-20 mins ago he started showing signs of irritation in his beak, his foot itching there, crunching sounds whenever he moved the beak and he would use his wings to tap his...
  5. Irishj9

    Beak development in neonate chicks

    I have a 2 day old caique chick with a very odd ( to me) flat ended upper mandible. Pic attached Of course the chick is just out of the egg and developing rapidly, but that flat shape worries me I've written to my avian vet, but would like some second opinions @Laurie @rockybird @Laurul...
  6. WallyCockatiel

    Is my bird’s beak overgrown?

    Should I trim my birds beak, there are photos of him above. He is a Male cockatiel; roughly 5 months old. He has a cuttlebone but not a mineral block.
  7. Lindsey D

    Lovebird beak peeling

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and a newish lovebird owner (we adopted our first-ever parrot, a lovebird named Belle, this spring). Since I'm new to all of this, I really appreciate your insight! I noticed Belle's beak looking off almost 3 weeks ago. Researching, it looked like normal...
  8. hrafn

    Pictures Does Mr Taco need a beak trim?

    I'm still a big ol' dunce when it comes to macaws, so maybe I'm overreacting and Taco's beak is a-ok, but it looks pretty long to me so I thought I'd consult the macaw squad. :D
  9. P

    Bird moving beak in weird way?

    Hi, so my cockatiel is moving it's bottom beak weirdly and opening it's mouth very wide. It looks like it's alligning/moving it's jaw? I wasn't that worried but now it's making clicking sounds when she does it? I'm really worried and wanted to know if I should call the vet or something. She's...
  10. Budgietiel

    File for Nails/Beaks?

    Hey guys! My Mom gave me a nail file and was thinking bird...:dancing: I am going to attach a link to the product. Kiss New York Power File Deluxe Rechargeable Nail File Set, 15 pc - Walmart.com Could I use this for nail and beak trims? Thoughts? :hug8:
  11. issajoy

    Pictures Soft section of beak?

    Hello, I've recently noticed that part of my macaw's, Ollie, beak appears to be soft in an area. It is a small section on her upper beak along the bottom edge, on both sides. I was wondering if this was normal, maybe her beak is growing? When I touch it she doesn't react, no pain or anything...
  12. EmmaAndEiffel

    Fast growing beak? Help

    I'm new here and i'm sorry if this is not the right place for this I have a 6 year old Rosella Hybrid who bruised his beak last year, my vet told me there was no damage and to just let it grow out, in last couple of months the discoloration disappeared and his beak grew really fast. I took him...
  13. Atomiklan

    Beak grinding mystery SOLVED!

    Ok I'll be honest, I have not understood beak grinding until the other day. I have asked a few questions about this in the past and accepted the answer given, but never understood the mechanism. My Eckie always made really loud beak grinding sounds and it comically sounds like an "oink"...
  14. Atomiklan

    Beak grinding?

    Is this A. Beak grinding B. Another typical Eckie sound or C. Something else you have never heard before? I call it her "oink" because that's the best way I can describe it in person. I am guessing this is some type of beak grinding as she is comfortable, happy, content, etc., but it's not what...
  15. Mccookrem

    Pictures is my baby's beak ok

    is 5 month old sun conures beak okay
  16. A

    Health suggestions for Gilbert?

    Hi there! New here; but I had a few questions about my families budgie Gilbert. We've had Gilbert about 4 years now from the local pet store. His beak turned blue when he was young, but has been brown for at least over a year so I suspected I might have been mistaken on the gender! I'm...
  17. Atomiklan

    Caique Beak Trim

    Seems as though Caiques can develop needle like beaks sometimes and with their nippy nature and occasional spouts of aggression, I can see how this will eventually lead to some nasty bites. Yes yes, this is all part of parrot ownership. You WILL get bit eventually, but if the severity of the...
  18. Patrick15

    Urgent Lovebird Help

    If anyone has any advice it would be great. Our 6/7 month old baby lovebird, Miko suddenly started losing feathers around his face and weird yellow growing on/in his beak. Nothing crusty like I've seen photos of scaley face mites. He's eating well, acting normal but it's getting worse. No avian...
  19. EarthToEcho

    Conure Beak Length

    I was wondering how long a conure (a sun or jenday)'s beak should be. I am a very new parront and I still have a lot to learn. My birds beak right now looks like this He's got a vet appointment coming up soon and I want to know if I should get his beak trimmed. Thank you!
  20. M

    Cockatiel Beak Growth

    I just noticed my Cockatiel has a new formed fleshy looking growth on the side of her beak. It is small. Attached pictures: I've have done some research and it seems like it should fall off but wanted to consult if any of you have had a cockatiel going through something similar.