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  1. ZY28

    Flaky beak on green cheek conure

    Hello, So my 4 month old green cheek conure has always had flaky beak since I got him from the breeder. Is it necessary that I go visit the vet? Or is it a natural thing and I should not worry to much about it? Is there anything I could do to make it batter? There is nothing anormal with him...
  2. S

    Why does my budgie have bad breath?

    Hello! I'm extremely new to this forum but I had a quick question for any budgie owner that may know. [ I have an avian vet appointment set for next week on Friday (the closest date they had available), but I am concerned if this issue requires me to do a walk-in for emergency care or if it...
  3. J

    Beak injury?

    Hi there, I'm an owner of a close to 1yr old cockatiel, she's my first bird. Yesterday, she flew into a wall while I let her out. She does not show any visible injuries but I think her beak is injured. She is very hesitant of climbing her cage and only eats her millets, she does not eat her...
  4. Pym

    Missing nose fuzz on love bird

    Hello! This Is my first post so yeah... To start off, I'm pretty new to owning a parrot. I did own one when I was younger but I don't remember much about it. I would say im pretty knowledgable on how to care for a bird correctly and I take all the precautions to ensure my bird is safe, happy...
  5. B

    Cockatiel beak

    This might be a stupid question but I just noticed my cockatiels beak is always partially open, and he can’t seem to close it. Is this normal or should I see a vet? I’ve looked at other pictures of cockatiels on the internet and some have their beak closed while some are open so I wanted to make...
  6. M

    Flaky budgie cere?

    Hi, so I’ve already posted this on Healthy Highway but I thought I might get more input from this thread ———————————————————— Hi guys, I have two budgies, Kiwi (male - green) and Winter (female - blue) and I've noticed recently that they have flaky ceres. I know that the cere is supposed to...
  7. S

    my bird needs her beak trimmed, i need advice

    Hello! I’ve seen posts on this site in the past about many cockatiel related questions I had before, which seemed to help me out. But, I can’t find anything related to this so I am reaching out for advice. My situation is that I have a cockatiel who I’ve had for little over 3 years now. I...
  8. CGrillo

    Is this a bruise?

    This week a noticed a reddish brown mark appear on Luke’s beak. The mark isn’t flaky or anything and it looks like it’s flat and apart of the beak. You can see another section of his beak is trying to grow so I think he might have hurt himself but I’m not sure. He does come out of the cage and...
  9. Wordbird23

    Blood on beak?

    I came home from work and saw that my bird had blood right above the black arrow. It’s not much and wasn’t super fresh. I out some clot gel on it just in case it started to bleed again. The gel also has a disinfect in it. There appears to be a bit of blood on his perches where he rubs his beak...
  10. Zara


    It´s no secret that I am a huge fan of pedi-perches - but only certain ones. I just want to post a thread with some info, so that I can reference it in the future instead of posting the same info multiple times and missing important parts. I stand by my pedi-perches, and only one of my birds...
  11. honeykat13

    Pictures Beak Length

    For some reason I'm paranoid about my tiel's beak getting too long, so I try to keep an eye on it. When does it get too long and I should start getting concerned? This is his beak now. Does it look okay? Thanks!
  12. Littlelovebird

    Clumsy bird and owner - Is she ok?

    Hey guys! So I had an accident with Skittles yesterday, and now I feel awful! She seems ok, she is eating, preening, bathing, normal droppings, active as always and doesnt seem to have any injuries but I'm still a bit concerned. So basically last night I walked passed her and she wanted to...
  13. Arin


    PLEASE HELP! I found my two baby budgies severely attacked by another bird. I have separated that bird into a smaller cage. The greener baby has its beak loose on one side. I have absolutely no vets near me and I can not travel because of this whole annoying pandemic. The bleeding has stopped...
  14. J

    Urgent I don’t know

    Hi all, I’m new the forum and a new friend to a young budgie. We purchased him from a local breeder about a month ago, he’s 3 months old now. Behaviourally he’s doing great, eating well and oh so friendly. Always asking to be rubbed around his head/neck and comes when called. I small bitting...
  15. McFly

    Black Spot on Conures Beak

    Hello there. We noticed this spot on my pineapple green cheek’s (Marty McFly) beak recently. It looks like a bruise that’s growing out, but it’s kinda lumpy. We are very worried. He acts fine otherwise. His beak and nails are growing at a normal rate. He’s about 2 years old, and I don’t think...
  16. winnieirn

    My poor little baby

    I decided to call this very nice lady that goes to your house and grooms your birdies because Winnie hasn’t been groomed for a while and I only used to do nails but now I did beak too because his was way too sharp. Of course I didn’t touch my baby’s wings because I love seeing him fly :heart...
  17. R

    Urgent Ringneck Parrot

    Hello, I have three 9 and 1/2 months old ringneck parrots. I have had them for exactly 8 months now and they’re perfectly healthy. One of my birds, Rio, is a messy eater and always has food stuck on the sides of his beak (mostly corn). He eventually rubs it off when he rubs his beak against the...
  18. Alayna

    Blackish Part on Baby WBC

    So I have a White Bellied Caique named Lily whose just coming up on her first hatch day. Every since I got her shes had this black shadow on her beak that has grown since her beak has grown. Her beak is mostly horn colored with just a little bit of blackish shadow in the right corner of her...
  19. Zara

    Beak grinding

    It is that blissful time of day again... 2.30pm :fairy2: All my feathered friends have returned to their cages for an afternoon snooze. My living room is silent.... except the sounds of multiple birds beak grinding! 5 of them to be precise - Aldora is busy preening under her wing. It is beak...
  20. Violaxo

    Urgent Weird Beak

    Hey! Me and my budgie viola are new to avian avenue, so I’m not sure if this is the best place to post/ask this but what does it mean when her beak looks like this ? It seems chipped at the end... She’s about 5 months old I think ...