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baby bird

  1. Z

    Help! First time cockatiel owner.

    I brought my 8 week old baby home yesterday from the breeder. It was super sweet when i saw it and even knew how to step up. Once we got home he was extremely scared and started being aggressive. He has been just sitting at the bottom of his cage for almost 20 hours. I'm really getting worried...
  2. Luna3391


    Hello there. I'm the proud new mama to a beautiful little baby Sun Conure that my husband brought home for Christmas. We've been discussing getting a bird for a while now, as I grew up with an African grey in my home as a child (That sadly, did not bond to me, but did to my parents) and have...
  3. Spnfox

    Love bird fever

    It seems everyone i know is catching that love bug. And i myself am one of them. I recently picked up a baby black mask last saturday . And i am completely in love with this little character. Say hi to Jester everyone!