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baby bird

  1. Birbs02

    My GCC is biting all of the sudden

    Hello, I have had a sweet baby GCC, Tiki for about a week and a few days now. He was such a sweet heart for all this time with only a few bites when he was curious and just feeling with his beak. For the last two days, however, he all the sudden gets an attitude and bites down hard on our...
  2. C

    Bonded bitey baby?

    Hey guys! We're new proud rose crown conure parents! He's such a cute guy, was really well behaved in the pet store, sitting so well on my shoulder AND finger. Now at home he's a pretty rough biter? He's picked me to be his absolute favourite tree! Sitting on my shoulder calmy and grooming my...
  3. M

    Hello! Baby quaker

    Hello everyone! I recently got a baby Quaker parrot. He’s about a month old, and we notice one of his leg looked off. We’re not sure if this because he’s still young and can’t support his weight. Is it normal for baby ? He’s stand up normally on his leg now. The photos I posted are a week apart.
  4. A

    Urgent Bird has a sore next to his eye?

    My baby sun Conure (about 5 months) looks like he has a purple sore on the skin around his eye. So far he’s been acting and eating as normal but I’m fairly certain that a nasty looking sore is NOT NORMAL. What is it, and should I contact my vet?
  5. M

    First Time Lovebird Grandma (questions on raising baby lovebird)

    Hi everyone I am super stressed currently because my pair of lovebirds have their first child and I am a grandma! I am super excited but also stressed because I have never had baby lovebirds in my home. My baby is 3weeks old going into 4 weeks. I don't know if its getting properly fed by the...
  6. Gabriela23

    My 26 day old tiels wont eat

    Hello, first post here :) I just got two cockatiels yesterday and one is 28days old and the other one is 25days old. When we got them they were active and very vocal, i tried to feed them formula with a disposable serynge yesterday night and the 28do ate around 1cc and the younger didnt eat...
  7. R

    Cockatiels Constantly Mating?

    Hey! I've had 2 clutches of chicks now (5 eggs in each, all hatching with 2 chicks surviving the first clutch and 3 the second). I had taken the first 2 chicks out for hand raising, waited a bit and then taken the main nesting box out. By this time, however, they'd already started mating and I...
  8. B

    Wild baby Galah

    So yet another thing happened. Early this morning I found a wild baby galah sitting in my backyard that seemingly couldn’t fly or walk properly, instead of walking it crawls using its beak to pull it along. So I picked it up with a towel and placed it in a box and put it in a dark room to...
  9. O

    Mother bird needs vet visit?

    Hello all, I am very new to breeding and baby birds, and never intended to breed my birds at all. However, my parakeets were determined despite all my efforts to prevent it. They now have 3 babies (10 days, 8 days, and 5 days old) and 3 eggs still in the nest. Mama bird got a fright tonight...
  10. Bri_:3

    My Budgie (I need help :(

    Hi everyone! I know it has been a while! I am really worried about my 5 month old budgie... this morning he seemed to throw up, but it was like seeds coated in saliva or a weird discolored liquid. If it gets worse we are going to see a vet, but I don't know if this is even throw up because it...
  11. mat webb

    How To Hand Raise Hahns Macaws

    Hi Everyone, I am looking at expanding how many birds I have and how many I am breeding. I know enough about breeding the macaws themselves but I am not sure about intervals for the feeding, how much to feed them, what to feed them and if there are any big worries/sicknesses that are present in...
  12. Lexie213

    Baby Moustache Parakeet

    Hello everyone, I recently got a 2-3 month old Moustache Parakeet which I was told was pretty "tamed", now when I received him he was scared so I let him settled into his new home, he does take food from humans hands. He is now moving around in the cage and chewing toys, etc. It has been two...
  13. Mo Amjad

    New African Grey

    Hey there guys my cousin just got a African grey and it nibbles on it's shredded Aspen bedding. Is the bedding safe for consumption?.
  14. Bri_:3

    my budgie :)

    I have had great progress with Kiwi, she can fly now and she is in the process of learning how to step up. We are training her and making sure she is safe. When we saw her on Sunday, she was flying all around and she seemed to love being in my hair. She kept on flying to the top of my head and...
  15. Bri_:3


    I went to go see my precious Kiwi on Saturday and she has grown so much. She is learning how to fly and is getting stronger. She is now 5 weeks old and she is learning how to eat hard foods like seeds and whatnot. She enjoys dried fruits and is so precious. Kiwi managed to climb onto my head...
  16. Ally_Tally

    Nippy baby conure, best training method?

    I have a very new baby conure named Tiki, almost 3 months old. I've had her for a month now, and while she is SUCH a sweet bird who loves cuddles, and pets, and obnoxious amounts of attention...it's difficult to give it to her sometimes. She's becoming increasingly more nippy the braver and more...
  17. Cosette Gagne

    Molting? GCC

    Hello all! This is my first post. I've been lurking on the forums for a bit. Got my Yellow sided GCC in March of this year. He is now 6 months old. I believe he has started molting but I'm not quite sure. We have had a couple really nice, warm days here in New England. I took him for a walk...
  18. G

    Age of baby bird?

    i recently got a green cheek conure from a breeder who said it was 7 weeks old (Now the bird should be 8 weeks old). However, when I looked on YouTube, all the videos of 7 and 8 week old conures did not look like mine. From the research I’ve done, my baby looks about 6 weeks old as of right now...
  19. sav

    Hahn’s macaw baby

    Hi all. I just got my first Hahn’s macaw today and I’m concerned about its behavior. It is 7 weeks old and was handreared but i have to feed it 3 times a day on formula. The baby is very quiet and barely makes any noise and does not scurry away when I come near it. The baby does not appear...
  20. R

    Urgent My 4 week cockatiel barely ate or drank the past 24h.

    She was at the vet yest, I have another appointment tomorow. I want to ensure she doesn't dehydrate or die overnight. I read online that force feeding it some cherry or orange juice would help. Please let me know of I should. Also how much to force down. Apreciate any prompt response. She is...