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baby bird

  1. sunnysara

    Video (Hormonal?) What is she DOING?

    My sun conure is 9 months old and has started to do this weird "walk" towards my phone, my hand, a charger. Is this hormonal behavior? She's still a baby isn't she? Here's a link to the video: https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/ctnDbVrHDQ0U
  2. B


    Hi! My name is Bean. My baby Didgeridoo just had an amputation and is in a cone. Prior, whenever me or my fiancee is home he is out of his cage free to fly. He isn't taking well to being in a cone, a smaller cage, and unable to fly around. He is now plucking/pulling at the bars which he's never...
  3. MaggieBee

    What's the right formula dosage for a 4-week cockatiel

    Ok, I've had Pearl, a four-week-old cockatiel, for a little over 36 hours, so I've gotten to feed her 5 times already. The breeder told me to feed her 4cc of formula at each feeding – 3 times a day – but she always seems unsatisfied after (she screeches like a dinosaur, which is very cute, but...
  4. MPCacatúa

    New Budgie Kicking Seeds Out

    Hello, I have a baby male budgie that I brought home just yesterday. He is in his own cage on the far opposite side of the room from my 3 budgies in a large cage. He only stays on the side nearest the other cage. Also, he gets in his bowl and throws/ kicks the seeds out with his feet. I have...
  5. S

    Baby Halfmoon Conure

    Hello! I recently purchased a Halfmoon Conure that is about a month and one week old. He is handfed three times a day. However, I was wondering when should I stop handfeeding him? I was also wondering when should I handfeed him once a day?
  6. T

    Conure baby help!

    Hi there, I’ve found myself ina situation that has resulted in me having to hand rear a baby conure in the next few days. I am unsure of how old the baby is, I’ve been told 6-7 weeks but am unsure. I will attach pictures. currently the baby is being fed by syringe at 8am, 1pm, 7pm and 12am...
  7. Diveks

    Handrearing mynahs?

    Hey everyone, so in a bit, i will be taking in a baby myna, i've had a handful of experience hand rearing baby parrots but this is new for me. what should i do differently with a softbill chick? i do have adult mynahs in the aviary but i didn't raise them from baby chicks (i don't breed them...
  8. S

    Lovebird Mutation

    Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well I’ve had lovebirds for nearly 10 years now and am quite familiar with a lot of mutations. I’ve also worked at an avian specialty store for 10 years, working extensively with breeders and our avian vet. However, my one baby lovebird has myself and a...
  9. P


    Hi everyone I have one 20 days old opaline lovebird (baby). His name is kiki. 4 days ago he was suffering from mucuse vomiting. Don't know why! I took him to vet, now vomiting stop. But he is eating to less than before and sleeping most of the time. Please help what should I do ? I'm very...
  10. A

    Baby Love Bird Questions

    Hello, Im new here and have a few questions! I have 2 baby love birds, one almost completely feathered, the other still growing feathers on the back. I dont know there age as they were a gift. I can post pictures if needed. I wanted to know how often I should be handling them as I want them to...
  11. parrotman

    Mother sitting over newborn chick

    I Must ask this, Is it normal for the mother to sit on the bird? I'm asking since this bird is a newborn bird he just came out of the egg
  12. parrotman

    Urgent Bird cant get out of the shell! (Sad Update post #11)

    Help! I found a half-hatched egg in the nest box, but the bird is inside the egg and is stuck. How can I get the bird free from the shell? I' sure the bird is alive because I saw him breathing inside of the shell
  13. A

    Baby cockatiel foot problems?

    I got this baby cockatiel that I am taking care of, Idk exactly how old it is but I am guessing around 3-4 weeks.. shouldn't they be standing on their legs by now? most of the time I see him leaned back resting more on his bone(Tarsus) than on his foot and he doesn't move too often is this...
  14. parrotman

    Koki laid 4 fertile eggs, what do i need for baby birds?

    Alright so, my parrots have a nest box in their cages because they were being hormonal and wanting to mate, 10 days later koki laid 4 eggs(all fertile) so I'm wondering what equipment i will need for the baby birds
  15. Seulregi

    Socialising baby conures

    Hey guys! Please let me know if this is the wrong place to post this (cross posted here and behaviour byway as I’m not sure which is the best place to post for this question) so I’m currently hand rearing a green cheek conure (it’s sibling will be pulled from the nest next week) and I’m...
  16. lisazartsi

    Baby Cuddles

    Piña (our pineapple GCC) is now about 14 weeks old and her personality is really coming out. She loves being the center of attention. She plays very well in her cage with her toys and does this adorable cheep when she finds one of the little treats I've hidden in her foraging toys. We have her...
  17. lisazartsi

    Independence Out of Cage

    Hi friends! :) This is my first week with my baby Pineapple GCC and she's a total angel. She plays super well on her own in her cage, eats and drinks comfortably and already knows how to step up and down (we practice for short increments every day). I'd like for her to learn how to play on...
  18. A

    New owner and new birdie!

    Hi, I have just brought home a hand raised cockatiel. We have not had her 24 hours as yet. She is fairly frightened and flighty. I am not going to attempt to handle her until she is settled and relaxed, eating, drinking etc. My query is if this takes say 2 weeks will my bird still be tame or...
  19. T

    My Bird Will Only Eat Seeds

    Hi everyone! I’m new here and have a question. I brought home my 10 week old lovebird last month and he will not eat any fresh fruits or vegetables, I’m concerned for his health. He loves his seeds but won’t even eat pellets mixed in either. I’ve tried about every fruit and vegetable even...
  20. mochiballs

    Baby Caique Quaking

    I don't have much experience with baby birds but am wondering if when he's quaking and kinda squawking because he's hungry? He's almost three months old and eats quite a bit but only the fresh foods, he seems to be avoiding eating his pellets. I'm worried he might still need to be hand fed? I've...