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  1. flyzipper

    The Aviary at Waddesdon Manor

    I quite like how the aviary is blended into a traditional-looking garden structure at Waddesdon. My goal isn't something so grand, but I would like something that doesn't look like a big cage and there's certainly inspiration here. (wondering if there's an aviary inspiration thread on AA)
  2. StarTrick

    Large aviary in Australia like the one linked?

    Howdy howdy, I'm moving out to a more rural area in QLD, Australia soon (avian vet still within a 3 hours drive, thankfully) but I'm looking to set up a massive space where my Eclectus can hang out during the day whilst my mother is with him at home and I'm out volunteering at clinics, farms...
  3. AussieBird

    Which would be more effective: Bleach or disinfectant?

    I have a second hand aviary I am in the process of cleaning and disinfecting. I am still in the cleaning part. It is basically entirely made of metal. I am unsure whether bleach or disinfectant would be more effective, thoughts? The aviary isn't going to be used for a fair few weeks.
  4. maounm

    Branches for greenwings

    Hi what tree branches particularly found in south east asia are good for a breeding pair of greenwings?
  5. S

    Aviary base

    Hey Guys! I was just wondering… we got an aviary about one week ago and are now starting to fix it up and put a base on it. We were going to put concrete to prevent mice but I reckon that the quail with hurt their feet and the babies could get splayed legs. (Baby quails I mean) We then started...
  6. maounm

    Breeding aviary suggestions

    Hello everyone i have a 6 years old tamed male GW and i just got a female GW few days ago about the same age. i am slowly introducing them but the male seems bit aggressive he even bit me (for the 1st time since i have had him) after seeing female. I intend to breed them so i need breeding...
  7. M

    Can i keep these birds together in a large aviary *this is my imagination rn*

    First thing is that im very sorry if i put this in the wrong thing. Ok so 1 acre aviary- Can i keep the following birds together 1 Red Shouldered Macaw 3 Sun Conure 3 White Crowned Pionus 1 Green Cheek Amazon Parrot 3 Green Cheeck Conure 1 Black head Caique 5Amazon Parrotlet(Idk maybe) So...
  8. Birdman696

    Ideas for an Australian native aviary

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask about aviaries, but didnt see a dedicated place for aviaries, so I hope this is ok. I’m currently getting back Into the process of turning my shed into an aviary, I tried to start last year but didn’t end up finishing. After some thought I’ve...
  9. R

    Mesh for Outdoor Aviary

    I am looking to have an outdoor aviary built for my macaws. This would just be a play area for outside time, they wouldn’t be living in it. Does anyone have a recommendation on which thick stainless steel mesh to purchase? Or where to order from? Thanks in advance!
  10. ode.to.parrots

    Pictures Designing the Bird Room of My Dreams - Need Advise and Suggestions!

    Greetings everyone! It has been a long time since I last posted on Avian Avenue, but I have had a lot of exciting things going on in my life - the main one being that my husband and I just bought our dream home! :loveshower: One my must haves when we were house hunting was to have a designated...
  11. L

    Help with Babies in planted colony

    Hi everyone, I'm Nico from Italy. I have 8 roseicollis in a 14 m2 outdoor aviary with plants and small trees. I have moved my parrots in this large aviary a few years ago and I find it incredible to be able to see them interacting with the natural world and to face the different seasons and...
  12. AussieBird

    Bonding with an aviary bird?

    Kinda random thought I had today, how hard is it to bond with an aviary bird in an aviary? I don’t mean a super close bond, but a willing to interact bond. Surely with enough food treats it’s possible, eager for everyone’s thoughts. Just curious :)
  13. Birdman696

    Mixed bird aviary

    Hi, so I’m looking to convert my shed into an aviary, the shed dimensions are as follows 28 feet long 6 1/2 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Preferably I’d put in a mix of different birds, to name a few I like Bourkes, red rumps, rosellas and others like those, but am unsure about the amount of space...
  14. Pensfan

    New house, new aviary for our birds

    We are moving into a new house in about 6 weeks and we found one with a perfect aviary space already on place. The former owners used it as a greenhouse so it should be comfortable temps year round. There are screened windows in 3 panels for air flow. During extreme weather we can bring them...
  15. Birdman696

    Conure aviary species mixing?

    So I’m in the process of converting my shed into an aviary, the shed is quite large, and I don’t doubt I could fit in my current birds (4 budgies 2 cockatiels). But I was just wondering how conures are in regards to sharing an aviary with budgies and cockatiels? I’ve been trying to do research...
  16. Birdman696

    Possible aviary inhabitants

    I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I’ve been thinking about turning one of my sheds into an aviary, I don’t have measurements but it’s atleast twice as long as my master bedroom. (I know that probably doesn’t help much) but it is fairly large. I currently have 4 budgies...
  17. Birdman696

    Moving birds to aviary?

    So I have 4 Budgies and 2 cockatiels, they’ve lived inside all of their lives for the most part. I’m thinking about moving them to a aviary, nothing too big or fancy, I was just wondering how could I make the transition to an aviary for the bird? The birds aren’t really tame, and are rather...
  18. M

    Is infrared lamp safe for birds?

    Hi, Does anyone use this infrared lamp for birds or in aviary?? Is infrared radiation safe for birds??
  19. PrettyBirdy

    Ideas for a Solarium turned Aviary!

    Hi all! I am currently moving to a big house for the first time with my four birds (Goffins, bebe, mustache 'keet and soon a male indian ringneck)- and it has a solarium attached to the side of the house!! It is beautiful, warm and tiled and it is 100% going to be for the birds! We want to fill...
  20. J

    Indoor Aviary help!

    Hi! So I’m getting a bird (Quaker parrot) and wanted to make an indoor aviary for the space. I’ve found the mesh and the wood. I’m new to this whole thing so don’t make fun of me but what else do I need for the aviary? I’m great with wood working and have all the tools I need. Another question...