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Parrot Rescue visit tomorrow!


Rollerblading along the road
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Sorry the last two pictures are a bit blurry, but the lights are low, and they have a little lantern in the room so that they can see to move about if they want.


It's been a long old afternoon, but I am so happy, and nervous, that my new men are home!! Jelly and Juju were fascinated by all the noise that Opie was making, lol! He practically alerted the whole neighborhood about his arrival!! :laughin:

Both Opie and Kuiper are in cages in my guest bedroom for now. The rescue rep wants me to put Kuiper's cage so that he can see and hear my Jelly and Juju. Both of these new birds have been to have an exam with the rescue's CAV and were tested for Psittacosis--but nothing else. They spent a minimum of 30 days quarantined with a foster family before being made available for adoption. I'm going to try to get an appointment with me vet this week, but do you think under these circumstances it would be OK to keep the budgies in separate rooms but visible to one another? The sleep room is the family room in the front of the house. It is separated by the dining room by a hallway and stairwell, but there are not doors between them. If I positioned their cages just so, they would be able to see each other across the hallway.

I wonder at what time the new men will alert me of their desire to wake up in the morning! Lol!