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  1. C

    Corynebacterium falsenii in a rooster

    I have a not-even-a-year-old white leghorn rooster who has white discharge from the corner of his beak - when it dries it kinda looks like dried glue. He's been tested and they found "corynebacterium falsenii" and "klebsiella pneumoniae" and he's on his second round of anti-biotics because the...
  2. M

    Never ending regurgitation wiggle PT2

    Hello everyone! It’s been quite a few weeks since I last posted here, I promised to anyone interested or kind enough to respond to my last post that I would update when I managed to find a reputable avian vet. Well! My feathered best friend has finally experienced his first vet visit : ) i...
  3. moothepoo

    Limitations of physical exam

    History I have an 8 year old Linnie. We have never missed an annual health checkup. Every annual checkup, the vet said that he is healthy. He has a healthy weight, he acts normal; talking, eating, drinking, chirping, making demon noises in the middle of the night after the light is off, humping...