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avian vet

  1. flyzipper

    Jericho broke Marvin's foot

    TL;DR - Marvin's doing ok after receiving proper care, but she's got some healing to do. Wednesday June 7 I was in the kitchen and about to get ready to leave for dinner when I heard Jericho fly to a rope perch where Marvin was sitting -- then, Marvin's squawk. Looking up, I briefly saw...
  2. I

    Vet visit...

    Hello everyone my budgie is turning 8 and she’s been sneezing when I put her to bed and has dried clear discharge above her nares in the morning. I made an appointment with an avian vet for Monday but am very nervous and worried the stress might make her more sick..she’s acting totally normal...
  3. StarTrick

    Avian Vet Won't Cut Eclectus' Nails

    Hello once again everyone! My eclectus is in desperate need of a nail trim, but I've been putting it off for so long. When we first got him, we took him into the only one within a 3 hour drive and our avian vet was very lovely and had loads of experience. We got him to do a full health check...
  4. C

    Bird sick and vreathing heavily (sad update #6)

    My sisters bird is Ryuk.Its 4 weeks old .recently noticed that it's a lot quieter thank usual .it looks very sick .Gave meds but it keeps its eyes closed and breaths with beak open.Ryuk is always sneezing these days and looks very weak.
  5. P

    Urgent Sick African Grey

    Hi, my African Grey, Kiwi, appears to be sick for the past few days. I’ve noticed that she has been sleeping a lot and not eating as much as usual. Yesterday I noticed that she is off balance and unable to walk. I took her to an avian vet who took some X-rays and did blood work. I was told that...
  6. M

    Never ending regurgitation wiggle PT2

    Hello everyone! It’s been quite a few weeks since I last posted here, I promised to anyone interested or kind enough to respond to my last post that I would update when I managed to find a reputable avian vet. Well! My feathered best friend has finally experienced his first vet visit : ) i...
  7. M

    Urgent Hurt toes

    A few days ago I checked on my bird and noticed blood in its cage and found that most of its nail on 2 toes (same foot) are almost completely gone and I had quick stop for the bleeding but now I’m not quite sure what to do. Please give advice on what to do next (currently my bird is not bleeding...
  8. Nostromo

    Help with Interpretation of Vet Findings

    Hi guys! Looking for some insight about what the avian vet told us today. Our almost 10 yo Pionus has had chronic sneezing/respiratory issues since we adopted her 2.5 years ago. The issues come and go, and never seemed to get worse; we didn't have the money to afford full testing, and when we...
  9. S

    Sick bird?- Sad Update Post #14

    Hello! This is my first time posting here! I figured i needed to discuss this with people who are more experienced than me! so I have a green cheek yellow sided conure, ive had him for a year and a half almost the past few days he has been acting sick? He is all puffy and sleeps more then...
  10. birdashes

    Polyfolliculitis? I could use some advice.

    Hi all. I wasn't sure where to put this thread.. It's health related but not an emergency? I don't think? I hope here is alright. It can get moved if a moderator thinks there is a better place. I could use all the information and personal experiences on birds with polyfolliculitis? One of my...