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  1. F


    I don’t know what to do anymore and need help. It’s been over a month since my green cheek conure has been able to walk properly and $2500 in vet bills to find out absolutely nothing. Here’s the story: I’ve had my JJ for 9 years since he was a baby and I just rescued a green cheek and Quaker...
  2. Clown.C0ff

    Possible Respritory Infection?

    I have an almost 5 year old cockatiel (Alba) and she suddenly began to have a strange noise as she was breathing, such as whistling in her nose. It was very sudden and happened as of yesterday morning (it's currently 5am the next day) and she's been sneezing excessively and seemed to struggle...
  3. S

    Urgent Cyst?

    My 45 yr old Amazon was biting his shoulder for almost 1 years and a small scab like developed l. We took him the vet and he said he didn't see any growth. Then it got large so we took him to a new vet. She said it looked like a tumor. After that it grew large within days. We sent her pictures...
  4. susiemlo

    Urate Question

    Hello, I was wondering if these look like normal urates? This is a dropping from my 5 month old female GCC. I noticed there are two tiny bubbles it looks like as well, should I be concerned?
  5. L

    Problem with parrot's leg

    Hello! We noticed something on our parrot's leg. She doesn't feel well these days and we noticed this things on both legs. Could someone help us what are these and how we could help her? Thank you! Adél and Sarolta :)
  6. cocotiel

    URGENT!!! 2 week old cockatiel with sour crop (Sad Update #8)

    Hi, hope you all are doing well with all your feathered friends. Mine on the other hand is extremely sick. I got a 2 week old cockatiel, Mini, which already had a severe case of sour crop. The vet asked me to mix the handfeed with gripe water and prescribed Nystatin along with cephalexin twice a...
  7. A


    Hello everyone. My lovebird is having some issues again. So previously my lovebird has a lot of bubbles and vomits whenever he wakes up. So we went to the vet, did all the tests and I gave him nystatin. Somehow, he just recovered while we are waiting for the crop and fiscal test. The crop test...
  8. ZoraKarasu


    Hello! Zora was sneezing with mucus on her nose yesterday. I also noticed she was a bit wobbly since a week. I brought her to the vet and they detected she could have aspergillus/chlymadia. They also said she has fungal plaque in her body. She has some metal bits in her body ( which i think...
  9. S

    Respiratory Infection?

    Every morning, when my cockatiel wakes up. He makes this weird exhale sound. He sounds kinda stuffy and congested. And what’s weird is that he always does it right after he drinks water. It lasts about 1 minute and then goes away. He seems to be drinking more water in the mornings than usual...
  10. S

    Urgent Worried about my CAG

    Hi everyone, I've read this forum for quite some time but these past few days have rough and I'd like to seek some advice. My congo african gray, Echo, hasn’t been doing so well lately. I rushed him to a vet yesterday and they took blood and fecal samples for lab tests, and the vet suspects he...
  11. S

    Urgent Mockingbird: not moving, blank stare

    There's a mockingbird in our backyard that barely moves. It'll sit in one place for quite a long time staring blankly into the distance. If we approach it, it snaps out of it when we get close and scampers off. But then it'll resume just sitting there. I suspect that it's sick but don't know if...
  12. F

    Urgent Cockatiel with infection

    Hi guys, my cockatiel(2yo) had a raspy voice couple days ago like when you catch a cold and you lose your voice. I took her to vet and she was diagnosed with infection in her air sacks and was given antibiotics. She’s been on antibiotics since last Thursday, today marks the 5th day. I’m giving 3...
  13. M

    Never ending regurgitation wiggle PT2

    Hello everyone! It’s been quite a few weeks since I last posted here, I promised to anyone interested or kind enough to respond to my last post that I would update when I managed to find a reputable avian vet. Well! My feathered best friend has finally experienced his first vet visit : ) i...
  14. T

    AGY treatment

    So my male budgie became sick about four months ago he always had poop stuck to his vent so I took him to vet and the doctor said he has infection and gave him gentamicin and another antibiotic which I don't remember it's name after some time using the medicine my became healthy again and was...
  15. CGrillo

    Wet Droppings Need Advice!!

    Hello I’m new to these forums. So my budgie Luke Is 3 years old has been experiencing wet droppings occasionally for a couple months and then 2 weeks ago it was pretty much every dropping that was wet so I called so many vets and most of the avian vets in my area are on leave due to COVID but I...
  16. D

    Budgie and cockatiel with frequent infections.

    I have a budgie and cockatiel that get frequent infections, usually yeast. I have been guilty of not keeping the cages clean in the past but I've been trying to do better and they're still getting sick. My girl cockatiel acted like she was going to throw up the other day but nothing ever came...
  17. lunasalix

    Lovebird toe necrosis progressing (Sad update #81)

    I had to work late on Thursday, 10/3, and got home about 15 minutes before the birds' light cut out for the night. I looked in and Peaches came flying straight into my face, as usual. Mango, however, just peaked out of the curtain and went back in to nest. I figured he was just tired and left...
  18. Dafna14495

    bad smell to morning poop

    Hello, I have a 10yo blue crowned conure and last year his morning poop started to smell really bad. I have taken him to an avian vet and after a lot of testing to rule things out and trying 3 different antibiotics she stated that there must be a viral infection and there is nothing we can do...
  19. hrafn

    Urgent Taco was playing in the litter box!!

    Forget the helmet, this kid needs a bubble. My own fault, of course; I didn't notice that the door to the New World room didn't fully latch while I was giving out breakfast, and when Taco was playing on the floor a few minutes later, he noticed the door and pulled it open. I was in the living...
  20. mooing

    Budgie has diabetes!

    This may sound naive if you know a bit about common budgie illnesses, but this is actually news straight from my vet :wideyed: I was very surprised to hear this, especially after the vet told me that she's never met a diabetic budgie before (and only a handful of diabetic parrots in general)...