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Budgies or Cockatiels?


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A local breeder has 2 hand fed birds, one is a cockatiel and the other is a budgie. I did resarch on both and i did have a budgie before. The question is which makes a better pet? List your experiences down below please of each specie!

1. I heard that cockatiels go through the "teenage angst" stage and get nippy because theyre maturing and hormones kick in. Do budgies go through that too? What are cockatiels like in that teenage stage? Your experience in this area?

2. Which handfed bird makes a better pet in general? I want a more family friendly bird not a one person bird. Noise isnt a big factor and i know that not a single bird is "quiet" in that sense but a not so loud (in volume) would be great.

3. If you choose a specie which gender? I know males are more roundabout friendlier for budgies and the females are more nippy but what about cockatiels?

4. Which bird is nippier? (i know all birds are different but what bout in general?)

5. Which bird would be more comfortable around strangers?

6. Any other knowledge and personal experiences with each bird?

Thanks for your help!


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Both species are great "pets". Noise levels on both species are relatively low...budgies chirp more, tiels have a "call". Hormones will affect all birds to some point...I've never had any experience with "teenage angst" from a tiel. Hormones will change personalities, obviously.
A hand-fed bird will definitely be attached to humans (obviously) so they're going to make excellent companions...after all, all they really know (most of the time) are humans...so they're going to think of humans as "their" flock.
I've found if budgies and tiels are well-socialized with people, neither species is nippier than the other.
Female tiels are just about the sweetest birds you can have, in my opinion....of course with girls, you also have eggs, and sometimes problems with egg laying. Boys are more boisterous...playful.
A key to a family...and people...friendly bird is to have the bird have numerous, positive interactions with the family! You want to build a solid foundation of trust with any bird you bring into the family. :)

We have two budgies and three tiels here...I'll give a little bit of info on them just for background...

Marley and Omega (budgies) are a bonded pair...Omega produced two batches of eggs in the last four months. They are strictly 'hands-off" birds...not wanting interaction with humans at all. Once in awhile, they'll fly over to your shoulder, but that's it. They're a darling pair, and we love them so.

Igor, Mocha, and Sunshine (all boys) have three quite different personalities. Mocha shuns people...again, the best he does is come over to your shoulder. Igor is a feisty 15 year old, likes people...on his own terms. If he's in the mood, he'll come over and sit with you all day. That bothers Mocha, who is bonded to Igor, and doesn't want Igor to spend time with people, just him. He'll flock call for Igor to come back...until he does.
Sunshine Tiel is a reflection of his name...happy and cheerful all the time! He'll fly to you and stay with you for as long as you want him.

Three tiels, three distinct personalities...