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  1. Tinabell

    Looking for a baby English budgie

    Does anyone know of any breeders for handfed english budgies in oregon , Washington, or California?
  2. HeyBudgie

    Co-parented birds

    Hi! I was looking up the pros and cons of a parent-raised vs handfed birds, and I kept seeing that co-parented birds (birds who are raised by their parents but were still handled frequently by humans) tend to be more adjusted as pets and are better psychologically as they get older. Has anyone...
  3. Diveks

    Forced to stay in a hotel with handfed parrots! Advice needed.

    hello, so in a few days I will be staying in a hotel (family gathering) I would prefer to stay home but it is mandatory and unfortunately I am unable to NOT attend it. Well the hotel is around 10-20 minutes away and the babies are around 2-3 weeks old. I will be taking them in an Rcom KingSuro...
  4. Kestrel

    Will my cockatiel like me?

    Hi everyone, Okay so I HAVE owned cockatiels in the past, but I got them at a pet store and they were already fully grown and super tame. I have picked out a new baby tiel that is about 5 weeks old now. He/she is being hand fed by the breeder until it's weaned and is cute as a button. But I...
  5. PrettyBirdy

    Messed up Feathers?

    My 8 month old Goffins cockatoo, Frankie, has always had messy feathers. She plays hard, spends a lot of time rolling on back, and it really effected her tail feathers. Recently it's gotten more apparent, and her wings have been more messed up. I give her a bath at LEAST once a weak, usually...
  6. B

    Budgies or Cockatiels?

    A local breeder has 2 hand fed birds, one is a cockatiel and the other is a budgie. I did resarch on both and i did have a budgie before. The question is which makes a better pet? List your experiences down below please of each specie! 1. I heard that cockatiels go through the "teenage angst"...