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  1. M

    Breeder birds

    Hello, I need any help or advise. I am considering purchasing a pair of eclectus. The person I am going to purchase these birds from said he had them for two years and had 4 chicks over the two years. They are aged 6-7 years old. The female was always a breeder, the male was a pet turned...
  2. Birb Mom

    Is this Normal for a Cockatiel??

    hello , i’m new to this forum and don’t know much about it but oh well. i have two budgies and well as one cockatiel , max. they are all males (at least that’s what we believe). max is 8 months old. and since he started to let me pet him on his head, he has made a screechy kind of purring sound...
  3. PippinLovebird

    Parrot Photo Shoot!

    Aww Look at my 2 adorable babies! Sunshine (the cockatiel) and Pippin! (the lovebird) The lovebird I have had for 8 months and he is 7 1/2 years old, and the cockatiel I got last week, she is 3 months old. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel! Its called.... The Best Birds. If it...
  4. PippinLovebird

    Something Wrong With My Lovebird?

    My Lovebird has been regurgitating on his favorite toy (His Rope/hoop Swing) and eating it back up a lot lately. And when he does, it happens a few times in a row. Is he okay? Is this normal? Please let me know!
  5. ohiobirdy

    Bird in College? Advice Please...

    Hello! My name is Olivia and I've been excited to get a bird for as long as I can remember. My father and grandfather were both bird-loving veterinarians so I have a cage at my disposal for no cost, and I've done my hours and hours of research on care and diet and all. Decided I'm looking for...
  6. Atomiklan

    Looking for a specific bird person

    Howdy all, Looking to get some input from those of you that decided to take the plunge (as I am getting ready to do) and get into birds having no prior experience. In other words, I am looking to hear back from those of you that never owned a bird growing up, no one in your family has ever...
  7. N

    Lovebirds for preschool aged children (4-6 yo)

    Hi everyone, I am interested to hear everyone's opinion regarding whether lovebirds are appropriate for children 4-6 years old. I have a handfed companion lovebird that I personally trained and put a lot of effort into raising him to be the bird he is today. My boyfriend's nieces have taken a...
  8. B

    Budgies or Cockatiels?

    A local breeder has 2 hand fed birds, one is a cockatiel and the other is a budgie. I did resarch on both and i did have a budgie before. The question is which makes a better pet? List your experiences down below please of each specie! 1. I heard that cockatiels go through the "teenage angst"...
  9. Valentino

    Brag a bit

    I just can't get over how friendly V has become. I got her in March and she loves this. She'll sit with me all night just to be scratched behind her head. She acts like it puts her in a trance almost. She steps up for me from inside her cage and she comes out all the time when I'm home. I'm...
  10. G

    Alexandrine parrot advice needed :)

    Hi everyone.my name is glen and I love in Halifax Ns. I joined this site as I would love some advice / information about alexandrine parrots. My wife and I are looking to have our first pet bird. We have had other pets thought out the years and currently still have a very relaxed cat who...
  11. A

    Parrotlet school/home pet

    I'm considering getting a parrotlet as a classroom. Should I bring him home every day after school, or is it okay to leave him in the classroom overnight. He would come home for sure on weekends, holidays...