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zebra finch

  1. C

    Pictures Powder and Captain's cage setup, any suggestions for improvement?

    Powder is a common Zebra Finch and Captain is a Zebra Finch White.
  2. C

    Paired male finches, one injured the other, had to seperate.

    A Zebra Finch Male and a smaller Zebra Finch White Male, the larger common Zebra injured the smaller white Zebra to the point of bleeding. Thankfully I was there and stopped the bleeding then separated them. This occured due to the larger finch chasing the other, which has been a daily occurance...
  3. K

    Urgent odd changes in droppings

    (A continuation of this thread change in zebra finch song? -- his status changed later that day.) Heads up-- there are some graphic images included in this post! I brought Zeebo into the vet this morning because literally 3 hours after I'd made the above post, the appearance of his droppings...
  4. K

    change in zebra finch song?

    Not sure if this belongs here or on the Emergency Highway, but given my bird seems well, here seems most appropriate. I've had Zeebo for roughly 10 days now, and have been spending a significant amount of time with him given that right after his adoption, my partner returned home to visit his...
  5. C

    Advice for newbie picking 2 finches

    Hi! I am planning to get 2 zebra finches, which I’m very excited about. I am totally new to birds, but I learned zebras are good for beginners. I am not interested in breeding them at all & I read that same-sex pairs can bond and do very well together- but is it cruel? If yes, does not providing...
  6. G

    Bioactive birdcage?

    Hi, Sorry if this is not in the right category, I’m very new to this forum! I currently have two zebra finches. I’ve kept many different species of parrots and passerines but have settled down and am pretty happy with my two little finches. For a long time I’ve felt that they need an upgrade...
  7. Diveks

    Spoiled weaning finch

    Im not sure if i should post this here but been raising this finch alone as the other babies unfortunately got thrown out of the nest and didn’t survive, while he was still in the egg I decided it was best to take him in before he hatches and gets thrown too. He is pretty much fully imprinted...
  8. Diveks

    Urgent Finch baby not being fed

    Hello, so i noticed the parents were not feeding this singular baby so i decided to take it inside to handfeed it. I am experienced with handfeeding both finches and parrots although i noticed this baby is not begging for food which might be why it was not getting food. It opens its mouth for a...
  9. FinchORI

    Meet my girls!

    Everyone… meet my baby girls Will and Arlo! (As in my favorite musical artists, Will Wood and Arlo Parks) Arlo is the fawn one, and Will is the gray.
  10. C

    Lone zebra finch

    I had two zebra finches but one got into a room he wasn't supposed to be in and flew into a mirror. Unfortunately he did not survive and I am left with a single boy. He is 4 years old and I am unable to find a new friend due to the avian flu causing a shortage in my area. It's been a month and a...
  11. B

    Zebra Finch Cage

    I have a pair of zebra finches they are in a 42 inch wide, 22 inch deep and 37 inch tall cage. My local pet store is saying I could put 8 finches in there (4 pairs). I want to make sure that is appropriate and he is not just trying to get me to buy more. How many finches could that cage house...
  12. B

    Zebra Finch Housing

    I am new to Zebra Finches, I got a male and female from a friend with the intent to bring life to the house. Indeed it did. They are in a 42 inch wide, 22 inch deep and 37 inch tall cage. They quickly bonded and it’s been about 3 and half weeks. The male built a nest but they rarely sleep in it...
  13. Rekillkos

    Some dream specie

    I finally got a pair of Gouldian finches, these guys have been on my list for years. I plan on getting some owl finches too. In the pictures are cutthroat, zebra, society, and gouldian. As well as my Java Rice sparrow, Kobayashi.
  14. jubimambo

    Pushy male zebra finch siblings

    Hi, I currently own 2 male zebra finch siblings in an apartment, they're both a little over 1 year old. They were handfed and are social with humans, and seemed bonded to each other when i got them at 2 months old. They would always cuddle together and preen each other. Mambo is the more pushy...
  15. M

    Why my finches are throwing eggs?

    HI, I have some parakeets in my room with 6 pair of finches. Both are in different cages. If I place finches and parakeet in different cages on same place does finch will do breed?? Because my finches throw eggs and don't laying on eggs and also some of them don't interest in nesting. Some...
  16. C

    Zebra finches black pepper

    I have two zebra finches who go out of their way to eat black pepper, even trying to navigate the dark kitchen to find it. Is this okay for them to eat and why might they want it so bad?
  17. F

    Zebra & Society Finch Compatible Companions?

    Hello Everyone, I am new here, and I was guided here by @Atomiklan to seek out some advice regarding his society finch, Atticus, and my zebra finch, Boo. I have a fair amount of experience with birds, having raised a couple of wild birds and also rehabbing several abused/neglected parakeets. A...
  18. Beasley

    Hello Everyone!

    I’m happy to join the fold! Sorry I’m a bit late on introducing myself I’ve been really working with my lovebird Giuseppe (Peeps) and he just HATES my phone with a passion. We’re currently working on “no biting” also I’ve been having some rather upsetting finch drama... A bit about me: I...
  19. FinchCanary

    Pictures How to care for our new birds ??? (Long Post)

    Hey all! This is a LONG post! We picked up 2 canaries and 2 finches from a rescue sanctuary towards the start of March. Initially they were in a small cage with no perches when we got them. All of them have damage to varying extents on their feet (some bent and even missing toes :() and the...
  20. L


    I am new here and I have a question. I have a new Zebra Finch, who is interesting. (And yes he is on quarantine away from my flock) I know males have orange cheeks. This Zebra Finch has ONLY ONE ORANGE CHEEK. Is this mutation rare? The other cheek is white and only has a partial tear line...