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  1. M

    Update on Trinity

    I just wanted to give all of you an update on my Meyer's parrot, Trinity. In case you forgot, I posted before asking about what I could do to help her get better. She had a high yeast count and a low good bacteria count. I got some apple cider vinegar and continued with adding probiotics to her...
  2. pubbykid

    Dahlia update !

    ive had my baby for about 7 months now and its almost her first birthday !! her training is going fantastic, she has such a high training drive ! she is fully harness trained, and steps up almost every time i ask her to. Shes so confident and whenever i take her out on walks or to stores she...
  3. AussieBird

    A Flock Update

    Thought i might as well do an update. The things i had planned to do keep getting postponed, and things got turned upside down when Belinda (the kitten) joined the family. I will start with the oldest and work my way down. LJ: This guy is still as adorable as ever! And i've never seen a budgie...
  4. Pastel

    Update on my new budgie Pastel!

    Hello everyone, As some might know I brought home a baby budgie yesterday. The day that went pretty well, she (or he) even ate millet out of my hand, moved around and chirped a little! However, right before it was time for her/him to sleep I noticed she/he had a red spot under her/his wings...
  5. MaggieBee

    Video Cori update: Not so quiet anymore!

    Update on the prettiest lil parrot in town! As some of you might know, I (a lifelong dog person with an unfulfilled soft spot for birds) got a budgie literally dropped on my lap by one of the aforementioned dogs last weekend. Despite being unharmed (and not getting a gram infection, thank god) I...
  6. Guibirb

    Update on Gila!

    Hello everyone, I bring you a little update on my baby, and with it some questions! I think this is the 4th day maybe? I have kept reading and keeping her beside me while I'm playing videogames, she is still quite lively in the morning, and loves singing and chirping, though the days in the...
  7. Teagan Hall

    Pictures Conure Update!

    From coming from no contact with these to, to having them on my head and arm and even next to me is amazing! I got these beauties mid August and have just come leaps and bounds ever since the first month. I can't explain how much I love them and their little antics! Here's some pictures for...
  8. AbnormalAvian

    Updates On Jedi

    I haven't posted in awhile, so I wanted to give some updates on Jedi concerning his diet, enclosure, and training. Jedi's been on Harrison's pellets for over a year now, but Amazon is now wanting nearly a hundred dollars for a one pound bag... so no thank you. I ordered some of BirdTricks'...
  9. Mo Amjad

    Update on Indian Ringneck

    What's up guys I just bought a new cage online unfortunately because of memorial weekend it's coming on Thursday . This one is 24Lx24Wx32H. The current cage is 17Lx17Hx30H
  10. B

    Frankie's Accident and Irn

    Hey guys! I haven't posted here in a while unfortunately, I've been super busy. But I have been reading up on posts now and then! Thought I'd post an update on Frankie. We took him to his new avian specialist vet a week or so ago for a health check and nail trim and I was beyond happy to hear...
  11. cooheart

    luigi the meyers ; update!

    hi everyone! it's been quite awhile since i've posted. i came here to ask about my meyers behavior, and received lots of help, which i appreciate so much! since my last post, what we thought to be luigi's hormone calls have continued. though, after a lot of research, i have decided it's...
  12. Luna3391

    Pictures An update with Daxter the Sun Conure

    Hello. It's been quite a while since I've been here, mostly because of some health problems and we recently moved. Daxter is almost a year and 8 months now, and has been with us for a year and 5 months. We found out he's a she (Can't recall if I ever revealed that here) She's a hardy little...