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Dahlia update !


Moving in
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ive had my baby for about 7 months now and its almost her first birthday !! her training is going fantastic, she has such a high training drive ! she is fully harness trained, and steps up almost every time i ask her to. Shes so confident and whenever i take her out on walks or to stores she loves every minute of it, and even lets strangers pet her now ! she loves her foraging wheel, and just recently started holding toys and treats with her foot. she had a little stint with barbering but i assume its because i was away for about half a week while she started her first big molt, shes been getting daily baths and playing with her toys more than usual so I hope that when she finished molting she will leave the barbering behind. overall I got so lucky with this girl, she truly is my dream bird, i cant wait to see her progress more as she grows her flight feathers back and we make our move to college.