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turquoise green cheek

  1. jjmmzara

    Turquoise GCC weight question

    I wanted to check with more experienced bird parents on my GCC’s weight. Adopted from pet store in May, hatch date November 2021. Zara eats 2-3 tablespoons of Higgins vita seed conure blend, about 2-3 tablespoons of fresh fruit/vegetables, 1tsp of Tops pellets in a day, plus nutriberries as a...
  2. jjmmzara

    New bird mama!

    Hi everyone, new here and anxious to learn a lot. We just got a turquoise green cheeked conure named Zara. I’m loving it so far but it’s definitely a learning curve. Looking forward to getting insight from experienced bird parents!
  3. S

    My Conure had Regurgitated

    So my conure had regurgitated red and i need to know whether it is blood or just the colour of the food he ate affecting the colour of his regurgitation. can you please advise me on what to do? here is the picture of what he threw up, please note he was at the edge of my desk and it had fallen...
  4. M

    I need recommendation from Green cheek conure owners

    Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. I am a writer and a student but I will graduate in the next month, so I'm considering to get a Green cheek conure after quarantine. I need maximium 2 to 4 hours of silence so I can focus on my writing. Is a green cheek conure suitable for me? I just...
  5. GerTucay

    green cheek conure noisy before bed

    Hey guys! New to this forum :) I just got my first green cheek conure almost 3 weeks ago! Her name is Stella and she's almost 3 months old. I noticed she gets pretty noisy once I cover her. She'll mutter, lightly chatter, but when there's a small disturbance or when someone makes one small...
  6. SpriteTGCC

    Hello from Sprite!!!!

    Hello my name is Aaron from the Chicago suburbs! I came across Avian Avenue a while back & wanted to finally introduce myself and my lovely darling bird Sprite! She's a turquoise green cheek conure my hubby and I got last September as soon as she was fully weened! She was born sometime in July...
  7. M

    Sun conure and a new conure

    Hello, I have a male sun conure. I’m planing on getting a second conure. I’m just not sure if it’s best to get a different species. I want a turquoise green cheek. Do you think this would be okay with my sun conure? I don’t want to breed them but if for some reason it happens I’ve read their...
  8. emily rose

    Help? Extremely clingy GCC

    I’ve recently found my bestfriend! A little male GCC, who I’ve named Atlas! he’s two months old and has such an adorable little personality. He doesn’t bite often, and is fairly quiet. The only issue I’m having is he has to be with me 24/7. If I am home and not with him, he paces the...
  9. Aubszoo

    Introducing my fids

    Hello! I'm relatively new to the site so I thought I would introduce us! We have in our home: 2 red factor sun conures Sunny (my son's) Jasper 2 turquoise green cheeks Jade (my foster daughter's) Kalissa 1 parrolett Princess pea (my other daughter's) 1 Quaker Harper 1...