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  1. R


    So I got my Indian Ringneck named Ringo about a month ago. He has access to my entire room, but really only sits on top of his cage, and sometimes screams. I fill his bowl with food, and another with water, and another with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. He does not seem interested...
  2. L

    First time cockatiel owner

    Hello! Yesterday I bought a cockatiel from the pet store. I bought him seeds, a large cage, a type of seeds for feather health. I'm planning to buy him a cuttlefish bone, some toys and something for him to bathe. Any tips?
  3. TheMacDadd

    How can I get my canary to step up

    Hello it's been awhile since I've been active on this forum but ever since I was gone I was making good progress with blaze and spending all my time with him, and out of nowhere just recently abt 2 days ago blaze ate a treat from my palm and the next day he went on my palm with no hesitation...
  4. vrnkstxx

    Tips for a first time owner of a young female lovebird

    Hey guys! First time posting and first time being a lovebird owner (okay i will be getting her in 2 days but nonetheless). I have previously owned two budgies and a cockatiel so i do have some experience. However, since this is my first time owning a lovebird i decided to ask you some questions...
  5. Ladybird29

    How to stop unwanted habit.

    My cockatiel loves preening my eyelashes and I hate it! I think she is trying to get the mascara off. Lol I like her close to my face so I can give her kisses and so she can kiss me and clean me, but she loves my eyelashes! Please let me know ways to prevent her from doing this. I’m not sure if...
  6. mybluebirb

    Pellet conversion help?

    Finally bought my indian ring neck parrot Harrison’s high potency pellets, but the bad thing is she doesn’t like them... The only way she'll eat a bit is if I make it into a mash and put a seed at the bottom of the bowl, however, even then she doesn't eat it all, most of it is thrown, and I have...
  7. Sunny1745


    Hi, I'm Sunny! I've been wanting a bird for a long time so, I made a presentation to show my parents the reasons why budgies are great and how to take care of them. After reading one page they shut me down and immediately sai I can't get a bird. They're really intimidating so I had to build up...
  8. Birbnoob

    New here, also sorry that I posted this twice in a different thread.

    I'm new here. My name is Indra, I'm 20 y/o and got my first birds ever. I have two budgies, pepper and banana. I used to have another budgie together with banana called blueberry, but I bought her when she was already sick and it was too late for the treatment my vet started to really help. So...
  9. P

    New and birdless

    Hello, Ive been researching, reading, and dreaming about birds. Me and my husband are seriously thinking about getting our first bird. I have 2 cats,(yes I know this will take ALOT of supervision and training) a 7 year old and a 12 year old (both humans lol!!!) We both work full time. From what...
  10. Miss Annamarie

    Nervous to bring home new baby! Tips?

    Yes, it's definite this time after about a year. After much more time to settle down my schedule, know what I'm getting into more, meeting a couple adult Eclectus', and having a plan for my future. I've decided to definitevely get a male Eclectus. He's really young right now and will be ready...
  11. Bri_:3

    my budgie :)

    I have had great progress with Kiwi, she can fly now and she is in the process of learning how to step up. We are training her and making sure she is safe. When we saw her on Sunday, she was flying all around and she seemed to love being in my hair. She kept on flying to the top of my head and...
  12. TurboTiel

    Springtime, hormones etc.

    Hello AA! It's been a while. Spring is officially here, we all know that means.. an increased level of hormones in our feathery friends. :D I wanted to know, is there a way to calm the hormones down a bit? I have two male tiels and they're a nightmare right now. My oldest tiel Turbo, screams...
  13. A

    Advice for choosing the right bird for me

    I am sure there are questions like this all the time and I searched thru several threads (and lots of google searches) to avoid posting another what kind of bird should I get question but I also realize everyone’s situations are different and thought if I gave more specific information about my...
  14. Rio&Molly19


    my tiels have been pacing quite a bit this morning in their cage. i let them out of their cage a couple days ago... which i need to add they are not tame and they are fully flighted. so it was pretty difficult to get them back into their cage lol not sure if the pacing is because they want out...
  15. Rio&Molly19

    untamed tiels

    yet again another post... lol sorry. So I finally got my Tiels Rio and Molly last night. I expected them to be terrified of the new enviroment. Well today they are being super vocal, eating, drinking, playing etc. My only issue is they have never been handled.. The woman who rescued them from...
  16. Rio&Molly19

    Salt Lamp?\ Pioneer woman

    I got a Salt Lamp for Christmas, and where it is located will be close to where I plan on putting my Tiel's cage when I get them tonight. Is the Salt lamp bad for them? Its supposed to help with allergies and eliminate Negative Ions. Also, I received a new set of Pioneer woman cookware. I only...
  17. Rio&Molly19

    Soon to be tiel owner

    This may be a bit long, i apologize. Hello! Today I will be going to pick up my first two tiels today. As far as I know I will be the third owner of Rio and Molly. The current owner is not sure of the ages. Shes had them for about a month as she rescued them. The first owner (not sure if they...
  18. Hawkward

    Scared Budgie!

    Pasted from the Parrotlet pages: Oh boy. Well... after a lot of discussion we decided not to get another bird. Then we come across this bright yellow budgie that the person was calling, "some kind of parrot". It had one perch in its cage, water, and food. And absolutely nothing else. No toys...
  19. Gemini Jones

    Hello! I'm Gemini ♊

    Hello! My name is Gemini. Im a happy cockatiel. See my smile! My momma loves me very much and thought that if we joined this forum, she may learn ways to better care for me and strengthen our special bond. She has hand raised me since I hatched from my egg. She's my best friend. I love to clean...
  20. LydiaB

    How to Introduce Eddie to Foraging?

    I've had Eddie (a quaker parrot) for almost a year now and I haven't really gotten him any foraging toys. I tried once but he didn't seem very interested. I've heard that basically all birds like foraging, once they figure it out. How should I introduce Eddie to foraging? I think he'd like it...