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  1. Atomiklan


    I'm so happy! Decided to do a little early morning training with the fids (after they had a little breakfast of course). Had a huge step in the right direction with both of them. Started off offering them both their favorite seed/food on the edge/outside main cage door. Took Charlie a few touch...
  2. Atomiklan

    Hand taming

    I can tell already (and I expected as much) that hand taming these guys is going to require the patience beyond sainthood... I do recognize that they may not be able to be tamed, but I am going to continue to try my hardest. Here is what I have been working on lately (and yes I know it is still...
  3. EthanBoha

    Please Help taming Lovebird!

    I got my Lovebird Romeo when he was 3 years old, I don't know if he was tamed before that. I've had him for 3 years, and I was a minor when I got him, so I didn't really care for him. But now I'm ready to start working hard to tame and care for him. I was planning to take him to the vet in...
  4. Saya

    Does hand-reared/ hand fed mean tame?

    All the birds I've had have been untame from the start, but not that I'm looking for another bird I've been seeing the words hand-reared and hand fed everywhere. I know this means they're used to humans but does this mean they're tame? Am I still going to have to tame them once I have them? I...
  5. alocia

    Taming GCC?

    Recently, I got a gorgeous Turquoise GCC from a bird expo. I know, I know, not the best place, but I was desperate to find one and no breeders were available within a 8 hour drive. He isn't tame, and is also very stubborn and extremely picky. I am currently weaning him onto Harrison's bird...
  6. B

    Budgies or Cockatiels?

    A local breeder has 2 hand fed birds, one is a cockatiel and the other is a budgie. I did resarch on both and i did have a budgie before. The question is which makes a better pet? List your experiences down below please of each specie! 1. I heard that cockatiels go through the "teenage angst"...
  7. RedCarpetEclectus

    Taming a frightened adult bird?

    Hey everyone, I have adopted an adult frillback pigeon and he came from a home which had little interaction with them apart from feeding. He is an adult, but specific age (and sex, I call him a male) is unknown. He is very curious however he is very movement and hand shy. He has only been home...
  8. JCG351

    Tame with Untamed?

    Hey, so I was wondering what are some of the pros and cons about putting a domesticated cockatiel and an undomesticated together. What have been some of the outcomes for some of you guys? Also any stores/places to buy or adopt a parakeet you recommend. I had two undomesticated cockatiel however...