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step up

  1. wizerdspel

    Teaching an old bird new tricks?

    Is it possible to teach an old bird new tricks? My family and I have a pet blue fronted amazon. Before my grandma moved into our home he belonged to her. She and my mom tell me that he is at the very least 35 years old. He is a bit aggressive all year round (not only spring), but I would like to...
  2. N

    Help! Two conures bonded without me

    Hello, First time posting! I got a conure from Petsmart on Columbus Day (Cheeky - gray and green). It was very frightened but got more used to being in the house (still not warmed up to me though). Then a week later my fiancé got a conure (Angel) without consulting me and started putting the...
  3. ZY28

    Need help with step up

    Hi, I got a 3 month old pineapple green cheek conure a little over 2 weeks ago. The breeder said that he understood 70 pourcent of the time the command. He doesn't respond to me so I started from zero. I can now easily lure him on my hand. The problem is once he finishes the treat he will start...
  4. TheMacDadd

    How can I get my canary to step up

    Hello it's been awhile since I've been active on this forum but ever since I was gone I was making good progress with blaze and spending all my time with him, and out of nowhere just recently abt 2 days ago blaze ate a treat from my palm and the next day he went on my palm with no hesitation...
  5. BirdWorld

    It’s taken forever, but...

    I am finally getting closer to teaching Blinky to step up! :yah: He’s still scared of hands but at this point if I put a perch in front of him he will step up, let me move him from point a to point b, then get off again. For now I’m not teaching him a command, just using it to get him back into...
  6. parrotman

    I'm having trouble taming rocky

    Alright so, i've been wanting to tame rocky for over a year now, but he won't even step up for a treat, he just flies away, he's a non-handraised ringneck so I'm assuming it will be very hard
  7. Char.bird

    Need advice and help with my lovebird!

    Hi everyone, Thanks for the great advice on my last thread!! But I was just wondering how I can even get the love bird out of the cage as she she just doesn't want to come out. The weird thing is though once I finally get her out of the cage and away from it she is totally fine with me and will...
  8. D

    Cockatiel resists training/wont go in cage.

    Since I have a lot of spare time right now I thought it would be a good opportunity to teach my cockatiel to fly to me when called. Ive only taught him step up so far but that was many months ago when I first found him. I should start by saying he is not receptive to treats but does love head...
  9. Hoshi

    Random biting?! + not wanting to step up!

    My Indian ringneck has been having some weird habits going on for the past week or so. He used to be very scared of me but now he comes over and crawls on me and then starts nibbling at me! The first two nibbles he uses his tongue like he is exploring the feel of my skin and then he pinches! I...
  10. Lexie213

    Baby Moustache Parakeet

    Hello everyone, I recently got a 2-3 month old Moustache Parakeet which I was told was pretty "tamed", now when I received him he was scared so I let him settled into his new home, he does take food from humans hands. He is now moving around in the cage and chewing toys, etc. It has been two...
  11. A

    My GCC will no longer "step up"?

    Hi there everyone! - I'm new to Avian Avenue and I have a new green cheek conure that I've had for just a few weeks (my first bird, too!). I didn't ask his exact age but it sounded like he is only several months old, less than a year at least. When I got him he would eagerly step up either onto...
  12. Piper E

    getting a bit nippy

    Hi all! Just wondering, my 7 month Quaker Kui just started getting a bit nippy and when in her cage she has decided not to step up. Hmmm, thought hormones but she's too young for that. She also ramps up her noise level whenever she hears my voice or the tv. When I leave the room she does the...
  13. Goffinsmamma

    Stepping up

    This is more curiosity rather than anything I need help with. Why do birds refuse to step up but then act fine off their perch/cage? When we noticed this with Kiwi I thought it strange because she loves being out to, say sit on the couch and watch X-Files together (she's like a little Scully...
  14. Nostromo

    Feedback for establishing good habits?

    Hi guys, We have a new 8 year old BH Pionus female. She's been with us for 5 days and so far things have been great! She is friendly, sweet, quiet, eats her Roudybush like its going out of style, loves her veggies. A breeze so far. I'm aware that it might be the "honeymoon" phase so I'm trying...
  15. Roo4422

    Help! New amazon

    Hello all, i wouls like to start off by stating that i am very new to parrot ownership and that I am thankful for any input! Lolo is a 13-20 y/o Amazon, I got her given to me 3 days ago from a woman who owns the barn I board my horse at. She was wanting to rehome her due to her not having...
  16. hrafn

    Kamara's fear of hands and sticks

    Like all greys, Kamara is intelligent to a fault, and today she demonstrated that by letting herself out of her cage and running around the floor like a loon. I let her waddle around for a while in hopes she'd go back to her cage for bed, but she decided to go to sleep where she stood. Her...
  17. MooShu

    New to target training

    Hello everyone. I'm Cal and recently I've got a parrot that I've named MooShu. He had some health problems but he's getting better and better by the day. I want to target train him, so it would be easier for me to teach him to step up, following by letting him out of his cage more...
  18. Atomiklan

    Advice for ornery Eckie

    So Lada the female red sided Eckie is staying with me for a while. I am having some trouble working with her though and could use some advice other than from her parront. Lada is 7 years old and generally VERY sweet and easy going. She is probably the most chill parrot on the planet. She almost...
  19. M

    How to tame a new cockatiel?

    Hi there, new member here and newbie at keeping birds. I got my new cockatiel Walter the other day, I've given him about 3 days to settle in his new home, I've been reading on how to tame him to come onto my finger/hand however he only seems to step up on the cuttlefish bone which is in his...
  20. alocia

    Slippy step up

    Whenever my GCC steps up, it always feels like he is slipping! He immediately steps off if he slips, or if i try to lift him up on my finger. What is the best way to keep him from falling off and have him hold on?