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step up

  1. Microwaveovens

    My goffins rescue

    hello all! I am new to this site so forgive me if im doing this wrong :)I recently rescued a goffins cockatoo from n an avian rescue. I only went there to support my sister while she picked up her new family member , but then I saw him in the corner, no feathers,scared and so tiny. I couldn't...
  2. TurquoiseBirb


    My bird HATES hands. Hes soo sweet and curious, and does love people (trying to get my attention currently cause im on my phone which is his new thing) and obviously wants to explore (needs to get his flight feathers back in, because he wont let me pick him up to explore). I've been trying...
  3. W

    step up behavior

    so my quaker Apollo steps up quite nicely. i really think he actually likes doing it. hell get puffy (not angry puffy) and his mouth is open and hell make this cute little noise. its not panting, hes not tired. its like its open as if hes going OMG I CANT BELIEVE WE GET TO STEP UP AGAIN...
  4. A

    Cockatiel help

    So I got a new young cockatiel from a breeder (i don't know the gender since they didn't tell me so i decided to call my cockatiel Pearl for now) a few days ago. Pearl can step up onto my finger but whenever I try to pet Pearl, they hiss and bite at me. Am I rushing in this? And if so, what can...
  5. CarlyRose

    Brand new Conure help!

    Hey there! I adopted a conure from her previous owner a couple of days ago, and she is just the sweetest thing!! she sings and dances with me, lets me give her head scratches, eats treats out of my hand, and is otherwise acting really comfortable in her new home!! The only problem is that she...
  6. haze

    Pictures Say Hello to Biscuit!

    Yesterday I finally got to pick up the baby I've been waiting for! She(?) is a pineapple/cinnamon mix. As soon as she saw me, she ran towards me and chirped. She proceeded to flutter onto my arm and then climb up all over me. She loves to lay on her back in my hand and is just so sweet! She's...