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sick baby bird

  1. I

    Crop size (sad update #3)

    I have this worry about my 20/25 day old budgie, he was fed at 8am 3ml then at 11am 3ml, after the second feeding of the day (11am) his crop has not gone down and looks just as big if not bigger than at the time of the feeding (it usually goes down within 3 hours). it has now been 6 hours shy of...
  2. Fratherpin

    Sick Lovebird

    Hello everyone. Please be kind and help my bird with your knowledge.My Lovebird is not feeling good.I noticed at night that only sometimes she is wheezing very hard but otherwhise she is a very active bird during the day and this is why I am confused.I only feed her pellets and fruits...I am...
  3. N

    Urgent Owner surrendered brand new babies. Not eating

    My local family run pet store had someone surrender a pair of cockatiels, one 7 wk baby( that was kept in the bottom of the parents cage, one 1 day and 2 eggs in a nest box. I have experience at a vet clinic and wildlife rehabilitation center so I knew it was not a good situation but I have...
  4. L

    Help! medicine advice

    My lovebird turns out has pneumonia and she was prescribed Enrofloxacin but she vomits it out right after, do I give him another dose? plus she has stroke like symptoms today , any advice?
  5. S

    Change in my conure behaviour

    Hi I'm Sasikumar. I'm a new pineapple conure owner and he is around 5 weeks old and on handfeeding. I have a previous experience of owning budgies. My conure (Coco) was initially a bit noisy. Whenever I used to get him out to hand feed, he will be very noisy. Yesterday while he was trying to get...
  6. K

    Bile acid and beta globulins

    Good afternoon, I got a cockatoo umbrella female in October 2022 she is 1 year old. I decided to take the bird to an avian vet for an anual wellness exam to see why this bird is not waiting much during the day. And they did fecal. And blood test. Her fecal came back negative for parasite and...
  7. Azurabird

    Sick parrotlet

    My parrotlet, azura, recently became very lethargic and started vomiting her food. I also noticed that there was undigested grains in her feces, this was about two days ago. Yesterday she stopped vomiting but is still lethargic and still has undigested grains. I contacted all the vets in the...
  8. R

    Baby parakeet aspiration pneumonia

    I rescued a parakeet with one baby the other eggs were destroyed and whatever babies did hatch were destroyed. The mother was in a cage of severe inbreeding not being fed overfilled with birds in a dark house by a person who was a hoarder and didn't take care of them. The cage was so small I...
  9. helppetra

    Urgent Baby Cockatiel Sick :( Please help!

    This is a recent photo of Petra and she is about five months old. Lately, her behavior has become odd because she has begun to sleep more often than normal, she is sometimes found resting at the bottom of the cage [it seems like she is too weak to perch], and her droppings have become abnormal [...
  10. T

    Urgent My bird is sneezing but no discharge

    Hi, I’m new here snd this is my first post. I have a 2 month old parrotlet named Tweety. I handfed him ever since he was 3-4 weeks old. This post is gonna be a long one but I’d appreciate reassurance and advice thank you so much! Now that I think of it he’s always gone through phases where he...
  11. B

    Urgent Cockatiel 2 Months old not eating and cannot fly properly

    Hello so my Cockatiel who is 2 months old has not been eating through handfeed or eating seeds and other bird food. It also used to fly before but it is too weak and ends up falling to the ground whenever it tries to fly. I am not sure if he is sick or not and what i should do to care for him.
  12. M

    Urgent Need advice and some help

    Hello! This is my 1st time own a bird or any pet. I wanted a pet for a long time, but was not allowed to. One day, I bought some budgies and now one for them is sick and in my country there aren't many vet hospitals for animals (and birds specially) , also due to covid, I'm not able to go...
  13. maounm

    Video 8 weeks old GW macaw regurgitating formulae

    Hello everyone. I switched my 8 weeks old GW’s formulae to psittacus high energy plus. Before switching he was getting 125ml three times a day now he is getting 100 ml 3 times a day. He throws out some feed sometimes eventhough i have decreased the total quantity. He just throws out some not...
  14. A

    11wk old B&G Chick with Mustard coloured poop

    Hi all, my 11 wk old B&G has had to switch Hand Raering Diets twice as they are out of stock or discontinued - now on Passwells and started having Diarrhoea it’s been 24hrs and the Avian Vet I seen said to give her Vetafarm Synbiotic 180-s Her poop is now a mustard yellow with normal looking...
  15. maounm

    7 weeks old macaw panting

    Hi my 7 week old macaw was heavily panting when he was resting today. Sometimes he is just normal and when he rests he pants. If i play with him and is walking his breath remains normal. Please help. I am sharing a youtube video link https://youtube.com/shorts/xavoUCNB0M8 Playing
  16. maounm

    6 weeks old greenwing macaw

    Hello everyone i am new here and i need help. I have a 6 weeks 3 days old Greenwing macaw and i have been handfeeding him tropican 125ml 3 times a day. I crop feed him with a psittacus red soft tube. I add about half tea spoon of peanut butter in every feed. Is my feeding schedule alright? He...
  17. C

    Urgent Sick baby cockatiel!

    hello! i’m new here and have been reading this forum the entire time my bird has been sick. last wednesday my 9 week old, hand/formula fed cockatiel lost his voice & had a watery eye. i took him to the emergency vet and she started him on enrofloxacin about 5 days later still nothing had gotten...