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quaker parrot

  1. Sammy27


    Hello all! I’m glad to be here. I’m the proud mom of 6 feathered friends—-Cumulo (English Budgie), Sirius (green cheeked conure), Orion (Quaker parrot), Phantom (nanday conure), Luna (half moon conure), and Duke (dusky conure). Birds are the BEST.
  2. M

    Missing Blue Quaker Parrot

    Hi all! I want to report my missing blue Quaker parrot. She is only a little over a year old and she flew out of our home on Chayna Crescent in Maple Ontario. Main intersection is Major Mackenzie and Peter Rupert Drive. If found, please call the two numbers listed below. She responds to her...
  3. L

    Kiwi my Quaker parrot

    Hello my name is Lucy, I just got a Quaker parrot 3 days ago, I love him so much already. I’ve been talking to him everyday before and after work, my question is how long does it usually take for them to get comfortable around you and start making any type of noise, he has been very quiet and...
  4. taaye.art

    Quaker battling testicular cancer

    Writing this in hope to hear some good stories from others… In February or March this year, we sent our Quaker to the vet for a regular check. Doctor found an abnormal mass in his testicle. At first we thought it was hormonal, so our doctor injected Lupron and later on decided to give him an...
  5. taaye.art

    Hello from my 22 year old Quaker

    Hello everyone, I have been browsing this forum forever, but just recently decided to sign up! Here is Coo Coo, my 22-year-old quaker parrot. We've had him since he was 2-3 months old. He is currently battling testicular cancer. He is such a sassy little fighter and we absolutely love him to...
  6. rayoliver

    Help with parrot droppings

    Hello everyone! I recently got a baby quaker parrot (2 months old) the person I got it from was feeding him just seeds and Maseca (a corn flour treated with hydrated lime). Having read a lot about a healthy parrot diet I knew I had to change his diet and start implementing veggies and pellets. I...
  7. A

    Quaker back to plucking

    So when I moved here my quaker ripped out his wing pits on his back along with his tail. Then he stopped after I used the anti itch spray, chamomile, avicalm and I put him in the bedroom so he doesn’t see me working. They seemed to have calmed him down and he stopped doing that. Now he’s...
  8. Basil♡

    11 week old Quaker is suddenly afraid of me

    Hello, I have an 11 week old quaker parrot (my first ever) that has been nothing but snuggly and friendly towards me since I got him at 7 weeks old. He would look for me and preen me and want to spend every waking moment with me. Yesterday, in order to have him be closer to the commotion of my...
  9. M

    I need advice for my Quaker Parrot!

    Okay so I have a baby Quaker 3 months old (20 weeks old) and I've had him for maybe a little over a month now and I was wondering how long it takes them to get used to their owners? He's very skittish and doesn't let my hands by him, he won't step up unless I have a treat and it's a wood dowel...
  10. K

    Baby quakers different colored eyes

    Hi guys! I am new here! My quakers surprised me with with a couple babies and even more so when they decided they weren’t up to the task of being parents. Babies are doing great with hand feeding. Interesting thing is they both have different colored eyes. Anyone know what mutation this could...
  11. P

    Help, what is this hard little bump near her eye???

    I found this recently when I was giving her scritches. There is a hard, little nubbly bump near her eye. It is pinkish grey, hard, protrudes, and irregular shape. There is a little white ring indent on it, which I assume is a follicle?? She's never had something like this before. Can someone...
  12. J

    Hi new quaker parrot owner here!

    Hi everyone! I have recently adopted a one year old Quaker parrot called Nova (4 days ago) she is apparently a girl. Me and my partner are totally in love but we are wanting to learn more about the best ways to bond with her and I'm hoping people with more experience with Quakers can advise on...
  13. M

    Quaker nest building and feeding

    Hello, my name is Michelle. My partner and I recently purchased two Quakers (male and female). We have owned birds before but not for many years and we were children when our respective families owned birds so we did not have a great deal of involvement in the care of them. We have both done...
  14. ZY28

    Green Cheek Conure or a Quaker parrot?

    Hey, I am doing my research for my first birds. I ended up narrowing it down to tow species, the GCC and the Quaker parrot. I really love Quakers! I love how they look, their personality and the fact that they may talk adds a good bonus. Since I do share walls with neighbors, I am scared that...
  15. B

    Newly adopted bird will let my roommate pet them - but not me

    Hello! About two weeks ago I adopted a 3 month old Quaker Parrot, and they've been doing really well! Very social and will fly to me and sit on my hand or nap on my shoulder. Wouldn't let me pet him. That's fine, I thought, just needs time to develop trust. THEN today and yesterday my roommate...
  16. S

    Pictures Vent feathers gone and stained, cloaca exposed and poop stuck

    My quaker parrot has recently been having issues. They are missing a ton of feathers from the cloaca area, and poop has been getting stuck. I can't afford an avian vet, so I was wondering if there's anything I could do for them. They seem to be doing reasonably fine, but there have been moments...
  17. K

    Video Is my bird preening our baby bird?

    We got a baby (8-9 weeks old) Sun Conure just yesterday, this is our first time getting a second bird and getting one so young. We have another bird at home, a Quaker parrot who's about 9 months old and has aggressive and territorial tendencies. We've tried to keep them apart from each other...
  18. Lulu1983

    Help please

    Hi I have a 5 week old Quaker parrot and I have never hand fed any pet I am feeding him with this syringe 3 time a day he always seems hungry sometime I have him one and half also I was told it’s a she her name is lulu but I am not sure how to tell please help appreciatted
  19. A

    New parrot

    About a week ago I got a 8 month old Quaker parrot from his previous owner he has gotten quite comfortable around me but not enough to step up he does allow me to pet him but only in the direction of his tail and I'm wondering if it's okay. He is at the end of his moulting so maybe im just over...
  20. Birdy05

    Bird Hemp (Hempwell) for Plucking

    Hello fellow bird owners! This is my first ever thread, so I'm not too sure how to navigate everything. I just wanted to run a bit of an experiment/review for everyone wondering about the Bird Hemp oil from the brand Hempwell. There were barely any reviews on it anywhere, but it was recommended...