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  1. Diana029

    Bird cage size

    Hi! I'm getting one parrotlet in a few weeks, and I'm currently looking for cages from amazon. I'm currently considering this one...
  2. MonaBlaire

    Hi all from Southern Ontario

    I’m a new bird mom of Ducky :budgie: and Nandor:bpletm: Both are not yet hand tame so I feel I’m really starting from scratch and am hoping to learn lots from everybody here :greet15: I’ve done tons of reading online but I think having this resource while putting everything into practice will be...
  3. V

    Are Canary Winged parakeets good in coexisting with other small parrots?

    Are Canary Winged parakeets good in coexisting with other small parrots? Or are they rather aggressive or territorial? We have a parrotlet and a budgie living in the same room (our living room). Each has its own cage, but cages stay open, birds spend daytime with us, only sleeping in cages. I'd...
  4. S

    Urgent Sick Parrotlet

    Hello! , I have a 1-year-old female parrotlet who has been showing some signs of sickness ( bubbly poop, cloudly poop, and sleeping on the bottom of the cage - not puffed up and it seems like its more for warmth). I'm currently working on getting her into the vet But in the meantime what are...
  5. Azurabird

    Sick parrotlet

    My parrotlet, azura, recently became very lethargic and started vomiting her food. I also noticed that there was undigested grains in her feces, this was about two days ago. Yesterday she stopped vomiting but is still lethargic and still has undigested grains. I contacted all the vets in the...
  6. B

    Sun conure vs Parrotlet

    Hi all! From your experiences, are parrotlets or sun conures better in terms of cuddliness, attention span during training and their general temperament? TIA! :)
  7. Joe Henderson

    Strawberry with black seeds.?

    Yesterday I gave my parrotlets some strawberry he likes the seeds I didn’t notice anything but today the seeds on the strawberry’s are black looking this up it’s some sort of disease on the strawberry.. im not sure if my bird is in danger does anyone have any info
  8. BirdLover1

    Best Parrotlet Species for Me

    Hello everyone! After a lot of research I’ve decided that Parrotlets are the right bird for me. However, now, I realize how many different species of Parrotlets there are. I’m hoping for a parrotlet that’s more trainable, can talk (yes, I know this is not a given and I accept that), and more...
  9. parry.blue

    Scared Bird

    So I have 2 parrotlets. My oldest is around 4 years old (green) and he is used to being around me. I have no problem with him. But around 4 months ago, i got my second bird (blue). When i first got him , he was scared (obviously). But i didn’t think much as he was new. Now around 4 months later...
  10. flyzipper

    Scientists discover wild baby parrots babble like human babies (article)

    Some interesting (to me) research that involved wild green-rumped parrotlets... Researchers have discovered that baby parrots babble to themselves, much like human babies do. The parrots aren't just saying the avian equivalent of goo-goo-ga-ga. Instead, they're repeating back the bird sounds...
  11. S

    Urgent Egg bound or tumor???

    Hi everyone! My 9 year old female parrotlet has inflated abdomen. I noticed it earlier today when I head a “thump” and went over to her cage to check on her. When I picked her up her abdomen was soft, but swollen. She’s been egg bound before when she was around 4 or 5 and I used humidity...
  12. parry_blue

    New bird energetic

    Is something wrong with my bird? I just got my second parrotlet today. My first parrotlet is very chill but my new one is super energetic. He is around 5 weeks, He was very scared and chill and first, suddenly he flies around the cage, rips tissues, bumps into the cage, and more. Then, around 5...
  13. BirdLady13

    Favorite Toys - Small Bird Edition

    I need to replenish the toy stock for my lovebird and two parrotlets. What is your small birds favorite toy?
  14. miorinsnak

    Urgent Parrotlet Calcium Deficiency or infection?

    Hi! My parrotlet is 9 years old male and he was healthy until last Monday.... I found he had wing twitching at night, and signs of feet-tapping ( every 10 or 20 seconds when he take a rest or sleep). Also after he fly, even with a very short distance, he breaths pretty rapid and heavy but...
  15. M

    Can i keep these birds together in a large aviary *this is my imagination rn*

    First thing is that im very sorry if i put this in the wrong thing. Ok so 1 acre aviary- Can i keep the following birds together 1 Red Shouldered Macaw 3 Sun Conure 3 White Crowned Pionus 1 Green Cheek Amazon Parrot 3 Green Cheeck Conure 1 Black head Caique 5Amazon Parrotlet(Idk maybe) So...
  16. FeatheredM

    Conure or parrotlet?

    I'm planning on getting a bird in the future and I think I'm going to get a conure but the parrotlet is in the back of my mind. I want a bird that is very social and silly, which spiecies is generally more social, I also wonder if it is a good idea to get a parrotlet when I have two budgies, I...
  17. BirdLady13

    Molting, or..?

    Can anyone confirm this “just-weaned” Parrotlet is “just molting”, or is her lack of face feathers something more?
  18. M

    Pictures 6 month old Parrotlet isn't getting comfortable

    Hi there, I've had my bird, Rango, since December 9th, he was originally located in my living room but now is in my room since he was unable to adjust there. Things are better but also worse in some ways. Good: I'm now able to give him millet from the side of the cage bars I can go close to...
  19. shino2020

    Bird not eating a lot of veggies and fruits

    Hello, My bird is 1-year-old parrotlet and I found that he likes pellets and other dried fruits from the food I buy from the store. When I serve him fresh fruits and other veggies he doesn't even touch them. How can I encourage him to eat it? The only times he actually does when I pretend to...
  20. M

    Need advice on semi-new bird that is very fearful

    On December 9th my dad bought home a 3 month old parrotlet from a pet store, we named him Rango. He was placed in the centre of the living room in a good sized cage so he could become accustomed to my family (5 adults), but it was my dad that was looking after him by replacing the food and water...