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  1. S

    Help Sexing, Please?

    Hello, all! I have recently purchased two parrotlets and was wondering if I could gain some outside insight on what their genders are. I have a feeling the store I bought them from told us wrong, and I’ve looked at them so long my eyes have started imagining streaks of blue here and there. Any...
  2. CatherineB

    Parrotlet became un-hand-trained

    Hi everyone! Sorry if this is a common post but I am new and looking for advice about my parrotlet! I thought I'd post it here since you are all used to dealing with these feisty little birds. I hand-trained Walter when he was a baby about ten years ago and it went pretty well, especially for...
  3. P

    Urgent Regurgitating(?) abnormally.

    My Parrotlet this morning made the regurgitating motion (odd head bob) so I know it's most likely not vomit, but when he regurgitated it came out as a foam?! No seed, no food- Foam... It's a saliva/mucus consistency. He's never regurgitated before (at least in my care), and I set up an...
  4. D

    Concerning behavior Pacific Parrotlet

    Hello all, we have an approx 16 year old Pacific Parrotlet named Beeper, last night we noticed a slight tail bob before bed, and he was breathing a little heavier than usual, I stayed up most of the night watching him and all seemed okay, until we noticed him doing it again this morning. We...
  5. P

    Odd male(?) behavioral/hormone posture

    I'm so utterly lost- I've had Kass, my Parrotlet, confirmed by a vet that he is in fact a boy when I first got him. But recently he has been displaying his tail end in the air, I've been super careful on not making him(?) hormonal- So I'm slightly worried this might be a health or behavior...
  6. S

    Tea tree oil smell?

    Hi everyone! I’m usually so careful with scents, but this afternoon I mistakenly opened a bottle of tea tree oil near my parrotlet. She was within close smelling distance of the bottle (so decently strong scent levels) for maybe 5 minutes tops, after which I moved her to a different room with...
  7. S

    Companion(s) for parrotlet?

    Hi all! I'm new here so I hope I'm doing this right. Super excited to be here!!! TL;DR should I get another bird for my parrotlet? If so, budgies or another parrotlet? I have one male parrotlet (Meep Morp, or Meep) he's 3 years old and is handfed. He's a precious little boy, and is one of the...
  8. Ziekenzie

    Free Ranging Bird

    Hello everyone! Currently, I have a parrotlet (named Esmeralda), who I have had since February. Recently, I have been looking into giving her free range of my bedroom during the day and caging her at night. I want her to live the best life possible, and this seems like a good way to give her a...
  9. nipiybirb

    Gasoline smell

    I just moved to a place next to a gas station, not even thinking about it. And I woke up to the smell of gasoline at 5am. The trucks come and refill the station everyday it seems. Most days I don't smell anything at all, and I've lived here for a couple of months. Today however it was so bad it...
  10. Melanie

    Beak Help Please

    Hi, I have a two year old parrotlet named River. His beak has been getting long so he had a trim at the avian vet at the end of March. It’s odd because this is a new thing and it’s been kept in check naturally until recently. I got him coconut shells (he’s only just accepted these ) and a pedi...
  11. P

    Urgent Egg emergency?

    I’m not very familiar with this platform so please forgive me if I do anything wrong! I’ve never had a female bird before so this is new to me. Lulu is a 5 year old parrotlet, and I’ve had her for about 2 years now. She’s laid eggs in the past, about 3, but this is her first time getting ready...
  12. P

    Picky Parrotlet

    Hey all! I've never used this site before, so please let me know if I did something incorrectly. So I have a piggy yet picky garbage-gut parrotlet on my hands...I've tried so many different types of chop to incorporate into his diet, and he eats his main food perfectly fine... But, when it comes...
  13. Joe Henderson

    Angry parrotlet

    6 and half paficif parrotlet has recently been very angry aggressive and horny. Humps multiple times a day. I always try and stop him but sometimes I can’t or not home . my bird has went threw phases where he bit or was territorial but this is different he has violent outburst where he will jump...
  14. Diana029

    Bird cage size

    Hi! I'm getting one parrotlet in a few weeks, and I'm currently looking for cages from amazon. I'm currently considering this one...
  15. MonaBlaire

    Hi all from Southern Ontario

    I’m a new bird mom of Ducky :budgie: and Nandor:bpletm: Both are not yet hand tame so I feel I’m really starting from scratch and am hoping to learn lots from everybody here :greet15: I’ve done tons of reading online but I think having this resource while putting everything into practice will be...
  16. V

    Are Canary Winged parakeets good in coexisting with other small parrots?

    Are Canary Winged parakeets good in coexisting with other small parrots? Or are they rather aggressive or territorial? We have a parrotlet and a budgie living in the same room (our living room). Each has its own cage, but cages stay open, birds spend daytime with us, only sleeping in cages. I'd...
  17. S

    Urgent Sick Parrotlet

    Hello! , I have a 1-year-old female parrotlet who has been showing some signs of sickness ( bubbly poop, cloudly poop, and sleeping on the bottom of the cage - not puffed up and it seems like its more for warmth). I'm currently working on getting her into the vet But in the meantime what are...
  18. Azurabird

    Sick parrotlet

    My parrotlet, azura, recently became very lethargic and started vomiting her food. I also noticed that there was undigested grains in her feces, this was about two days ago. Yesterday she stopped vomiting but is still lethargic and still has undigested grains. I contacted all the vets in the...
  19. B

    Sun conure vs Parrotlet

    Hi all! From your experiences, are parrotlets or sun conures better in terms of cuddliness, attention span during training and their general temperament? TIA! :)
  20. Joe Henderson

    Strawberry with black seeds.?

    Yesterday I gave my parrotlets some strawberry he likes the seeds I didn’t notice anything but today the seeds on the strawberry’s are black looking this up it’s some sort of disease on the strawberry.. im not sure if my bird is in danger does anyone have any info