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  1. flyzipper

    Scientists discover wild baby parrots babble like human babies (article)

    Some interesting (to me) research that involved wild green-rumped parrotlets... Researchers have discovered that baby parrots babble to themselves, much like human babies do. The parrots aren't just saying the avian equivalent of goo-goo-ga-ga. Instead, they're repeating back the bird sounds...
  2. S

    Urgent Egg bound or tumor???

    Hi everyone! My 9 year old female parrotlet has inflated abdomen. I noticed it earlier today when I head a “thump” and went over to her cage to check on her. When I picked her up her abdomen was soft, but swollen. She’s been egg bound before when she was around 4 or 5 and I used humidity...
  3. parry_blue

    New bird energetic

    Is something wrong with my bird? I just got my second parrotlet today. My first parrotlet is very chill but my new one is super energetic. He is around 5 weeks, He was very scared and chill and first, suddenly he flies around the cage, rips tissues, bumps into the cage, and more. Then, around 5...
  4. BirdLady13

    Favorite Toys - Small Bird Edition

    I need to replenish the toy stock for my lovebird and two parrotlets. What is your small birds favorite toy?
  5. miorinsnak

    Urgent Parrotlet Calcium Deficiency or infection?

    Hi! My parrotlet is 9 years old male and he was healthy until last Monday.... I found he had wing twitching at night, and signs of feet-tapping ( every 10 or 20 seconds when he take a rest or sleep). Also after he fly, even with a very short distance, he breaths pretty rapid and heavy but...
  6. M

    Can i keep these birds together in a large aviary *this is my imagination rn*

    First thing is that im very sorry if i put this in the wrong thing. Ok so 1 acre aviary- Can i keep the following birds together 1 Red Shouldered Macaw 3 Sun Conure 3 White Crowned Pionus 1 Green Cheek Amazon Parrot 3 Green Cheeck Conure 1 Black head Caique 5Amazon Parrotlet(Idk maybe) So...
  7. FeatheredM

    Conure or parrotlet?

    I'm planning on getting a bird in the future and I think I'm going to get a conure but the parrotlet is in the back of my mind. I want a bird that is very social and silly, which spiecies is generally more social, I also wonder if it is a good idea to get a parrotlet when I have two budgies, I...
  8. BirdLady13

    Molting, or..?

    Can anyone confirm this “just-weaned” Parrotlet is “just molting”, or is her lack of face feathers something more?
  9. M

    Pictures 6 month old Parrotlet isn't getting comfortable

    Hi there, I've had my bird, Rango, since December 9th, he was originally located in my living room but now is in my room since he was unable to adjust there. Things are better but also worse in some ways. Good: I'm now able to give him millet from the side of the cage bars I can go close to...
  10. shino2020

    Bird not eating a lot of veggies and fruits

    Hello, My bird is 1-year-old parrotlet and I found that he likes pellets and other dried fruits from the food I buy from the store. When I serve him fresh fruits and other veggies he doesn't even touch them. How can I encourage him to eat it? The only times he actually does when I pretend to...
  11. M

    Need advice on semi-new bird that is very fearful

    On December 9th my dad bought home a 3 month old parrotlet from a pet store, we named him Rango. He was placed in the centre of the living room in a good sized cage so he could become accustomed to my family (5 adults), but it was my dad that was looking after him by replacing the food and water...
  12. wavywavy

    Video Potentially Blind Parrotlet?

    I feel like I'm posting an awful lot lately, but I can't get over how excited I am to have other people to talk to about my birds now as well as having them. Anyway, I hope I am on the right thread, and I figured I'd have my best chance of finding others with similar experiences on this one...
  13. wavywavy

    Pictures Parrotlet Mutation Identification?

    Hello! I am new around here so I do apologize if I am in the wrong place. When I was younger, I raised all types of birds including raising and breeding parrotlets, however I only ever bred standard wild-type green and blues. Several years have passed and I am getting back into owning...
  14. DaisyZwart

    Taming bonded parrotlet couple

    Hello fellow bird owners, In March 2020 I got two bonded parrotlets (blue, male, born 2017 and lady, female, born 2019). They are a two beautiful, sweet, little birds and I love them dearly, but it’s been 8 months and they still don’t want to be touched. I read to them, I sing to them, I have...
  15. BirdLady13

    Advice Needed

    Almost 2 weeks ago I brought home a 4-5 month old male parrotlet. I have experience hand-feeding and raising birds, but this is new territory for me. I know the bonding process will take time, but just when it seemed like he was finally settling in and I was beginning to gain his trust he...
  16. shubh298

    Parrotlet had a hard fall (New to this forum)

    Hey guy, I’m new to this forum and I found it while trying to find answers because I’ve been a little scared for my little parrotlet. I have two, but one of them had a rough fall while flying around two days ago. From what it seems, she had a concussion after the fall. No coordination, eyes...
  17. BirdLady13

    Snuggle Hut

    Please vote on whether you would recommend getting a male parrotlet a hut/tent. Follow-up explanations welcome!
  18. U

    Pictures Parrotlet nests?

    So my parrotlet is laying eggs The only thing is they didn’t build a nest in the nest box. The eggs are just laying there in the otherwise empty box. Is that a problem? Should I try dropping nesting material in?
  19. BirdLady13

    Parrotlet v. Lovebird

    In the near future I intend on getting a parrotlet and/or a peach-faced lovebird. I worked with birds for a living at one time, and I've done extensive research on both pocket parrots, but rather than look at "facts" it would be helpful to get some opinions. This is the information I have...
  20. Cinnamon86

    Hello from Malta

    Hello everyone! Im writing from Malta :) Im the proud mother of a parrotlet and possibly a cockatiel soon. Ive been lurking the forum for a long while now, and I just wanted to tell you that I love it!