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Companion(s) for parrotlet?


Checking out the neighborhood
Hi all! I'm new here so I hope I'm doing this right. Super excited to be here!!!

TL;DR should I get another bird for my parrotlet? If so, budgies or another parrotlet?

I have one male parrotlet (Meep Morp, or Meep) he's 3 years old and is handfed. He's a precious little boy, and is one of the most chill animals I've worked with. Cool guy for sure!!!


When I first got him I researched extensively and practically all sources said parrotlets are best kept alone. So I followed that advice and got one. But now after some time, some more research, and some trouble with him (over-grooming) I'm starting to re-think it.
Here are my dilemmas, which hopefully you could help me with:
  • First, should I even get another bird? Most articles I've read said no, while some people said I must. Getting another bird means I'll have to split my time and attention. Meep is a spoiled only child, might be a struggle.
  • If I should get another bird, Should I get another parrotlet, or budgies? Since parrotlets are so feisty and territorial (at least according to Google, can't say Meep's like that for the most part) it seems likely they'd get into fights more. But it could also go the other way: they're at a similar level, while budgies don't stand a chance. If I get budgies it might be easier for me to balance my attention (since the budgies would have each other at all time I could probably get away with spending a little less one-on-one time with them.
I have experience working with all kinds of birds but never parrotlet combos.
Obviously they will be kept in separate cages and any together time will be built VERY VERY gradually and with CLOSE CLOSE supervision at ALL TIME, regardless of what bird I get. Birds will obviously get plenty of love even if they end up not getting along at all.
If anyone has any experience with getting their parrotlet a companion, I'd love to hear anything you're willing to share.
Thanks in advance! Meep and I appreciate you ❤



Moving in
What a little sweetheart!

I got my own two budgies as a pair since I knew I wouldn't have enough time for 1-on-1 play between school & work, & if i only got one bird it would certainly become lonely & depressed

If Meep Morp is getting a lot of love & attention daily, there may not be any need for any additional birds in his life! That being said, this is just my personal opinion & I've never researched the needs of a parrotlet..