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  1. S

    New Bird Owner

    Greetings all! I am now the proud new companion of two beautiful parakeets. I bought them from PetSmart (I know, I'm a horrible person), as I just couldn't wait for my local bird shop to restock them. I have yet to name them, and I am currently taking suggestions. It took quite a while to get...
  2. O

    Rehoming parakeet and cockatiel

    I unfortunately need to rehome my birds for multiple reasons. Ultimately, I don't have enough time to take care of them the way they deserve. This was a very hard decision to make and I want to know that they're going to good homes. I've had my parakeet, Medusa, for about 2 years now. She has...
  3. Steph6241

    How do I help my budgie acclimate to a new cage?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently researching new cage options for Frankie, my 2.5 year old budgie, and I was curious if other parakeet parents had insights on ways to help her acclimate to a new cage and reduce any anxiety she may have about the change. Her current cage is really too small and not...
  4. Rio&Friend

    What gender it is?

    Hi everyone, I brought a new budgie. Its name is rainbow :budgieyf: . We brought her because my yellow colour budgie has become stress, so we decided to buy a new budgie. After we brought, My Yellow colour was finally free from stress. Can anyone tell me what gender it is? Because I feel it is...
  5. harum.t

    Pellet recommendations?

    My parakeet, Zuko, has been lethargic and his poop/behavior has been abnormal (green and semi-watery) so I of course went to the vet to get him checked out. They said they really weren't sure if anything was wrong with him (due to covid, I'm not in the room to see the vets inspect him, so this...
  6. L

    Long term pain management

    Hello, I have an old budgie that unfortunately seems to have a broken hip. She’s around 10 years old and I’ve been for a while trying to find ways to reduce her pain. She’s a happy little fella that lives in an aviary with a few other and still flies and sings and preens. But I can see that...
  7. M

    Why my finches are throwing eggs?

    HI, I have some parakeets in my room with 6 pair of finches. Both are in different cages. If I place finches and parakeet in different cages on same place does finch will do breed?? Because my finches throw eggs and don't laying on eggs and also some of them don't interest in nesting. Some...
  8. Isawe

    Parakeets behavior / picky eaters / winning trusts

    Hello… I wish if someone could give me advice on how to win the trust of my two parakeets, plus how to stop them from being picky eaters, I know it may take loooong time, but I wish they would feel more relaxed and happy around me, I was never a bird person until I rescued my two other birds...
  9. D

    Can't take care of budgie anymore, what to do now?

    So, I'm 18 and I've had a lone budgie for a few years now and ever since my aunt has officially moved in with her two cats at my parents house 7 months ago (against my wishes), taking care of my pet has been real tough. It doesn't help that I've recently been working full-time and going to be...
  10. F

    Pictures Is my budgie ill? Need advice ASAP

    For some context, I've had this shy budgie for over 2 years now; she hasn't been very friendly towards me ever since her partner died last year but she does hop around the cage and chirp to other birds whenever she is outside. I haven't been able to feed her anything else besides store-bought...
  11. MPCacatúa

    How to move 4 budgies to new house 4 hours away!

    Hey guys, so my husband and I are moving! Our new house is about 4-4.5 hours away. Should I move all four birds in one container? And what should I use? I have a backpack but they don’t like it/ it would be hard to put all four in. I also have the first cage I ever housed two of them in. What...
  12. B

    Does my budgie closing his eyes necessarily mean he is sick?

    Hello! I'm a long time bird fan, but a very new and inexperienced bird owner. My family recently got me two budgies to help us cope with the loss of another bird we had been caring for (long and sad story, I may post about him in the Highway to Heaven area). When I was talking to them to help...
  13. redrose27

    Safe Heat Lamps (Need a Replacement one Help)

    I got a heat lamp from the vet last decemeber and it has been all good so far. Within the first 2 months of owning it the big silver dish part of the lamp fell off the black part and could not be twisted back onto it. Normally it would screw in fine like a light bulb but now I have to use...
  14. S

    New Budgie Concerns

    Hey everyone. My husband and I just adopted two new budgies as first time bird owners. We did lots of research (I actually read quite a few posts from this website during my research) and felt like we had prepared ourselves the best that we could. We bought both budgies from PetSmart two days...
  15. dandruff

    easiest vs hardest bird?

    In your opinions, how would you rank your birds from easiest/friendliest to hardest? I'm looking to adopt a new bird friend but I'm not sure which ones i should look into, and which ones i shouldn't even consider. I'm not too experienced, I've only ever owned budgies.
  16. Chusi<3

    hello! so excited to be here

    hi everyone! i hope your day is going well :) my name is Jade, and i am the proud owner of Chusi, a pineapple conure; Ducky, a greywing sky blue parakeet; and Chloe, a dominant pied sky blue yellowface greywing parakeet. It’s so nice to meet you all :) im hoping to meet friends and fellow avian...
  17. H

    Hello! Budgie Owner Here!

    Hi all! I have used AA in the past but have never become a member or really interacted with people much. I think I'm very young compared to most people here, but I'll try to fit in hahaha! I have a budgie named Pixel who is very sweet but has had two of his companions pass away in just about a...
  18. MPCacatúa

    Question! Budgies and Cockatiel Share a Cage?

    Hey guys! I am on a wait list to get a cockatiel and am so excited!! I am currently the 8th person on the list (getting closer!). I have 4 budgies in a large flight cage of 31” x 20.5” x 53”. I have been researching if I could house them together and have been getting answers in both directions...
  19. C

    Urgent Budgie mauled and killed other budgie

    Sorry for formatting or if anything sounds weird, I'm on mobile and also sobbing right now. I posted on these forums before a few months ago to ask about rehoming my birds. I ended up moving them to a different room and keeping them. Yesterday before work I woke up from a nap and heard weird...
  20. S

    Grateless birdcage lining dilemma; Parakeets

    I have a cage that I don’t put the grate in since one of my parakeets had deformed feetsies and the vet said it could make her be in more pain, and want to keep it grate free for my new bird, are there any suggestion for a lining material for the tray? I can’t do paper because my very first bird...