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  1. D

    Daisy’s head?

    I checked on Daisy this morning and saw a red spot on his head. Is this just molting or is there something wrong with his head?
  2. D

    Best seed mix!

    Hey everyone! Im ordering Harrison’s Pellets for my 2 keets, but I don’t want them completely on pellets. Though seed mixes can be fatty, I’m not sure my parakeets are going to have a clean easy switch to pellets so I was wondering what a healthy, no artificial flavors or colors seed mix i can...
  3. D

    Is Snowy’s cere okay?

    It looks a bit odd — not the color, but it looks really crusty - more than usual. Is that normal?
  4. M

    Is conure parrot?

    Hello I have an question.is conure parrot?or parakeets? Im confused. Any body help me please.thanks
  5. M

    Do I need to provide water for 24 hours??

    Hi, In this summer time do I need to provide water in my parrot's cages for 24 hours?? or just provide it in morning and take it away in night?? Please let me know, Thanks
  6. hellbaby

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi! I'm Siren and I'm the proud parent of two budgies and a lovebird. Also used to live with a cockatiel and macaw~. Just here to share my experiences and learn from yours I love my children and plan on getting more. Next child is a caique or conure... maybe a ringneck if I can afford one ! I am...
  7. M

    Do My Parrots Need Vaccination??

    Hi, I have various type parrots. I want to know do they need vaccinations?? and if they need then for which diseases?? example: New Castle Disease?? Thanks
  8. clarajane

    Issues with rescued linnie

    To establish some background, my boyfriend and I share a 350sf studio and rescued an approximately one-year-old cobalt linnie in March of 2019. We rescued him from a young woman who had to move for college and couldn't keep him. He spent the first year of his life confined to a small cage in a...
  9. M

    My Conure Didn't Eat Millet

    Hi, My Pineapple conure didn't eat millet. Only they eat sunflower seed, safflower seed, paddy rice, hemp seed. They just eat those seeds from seedmix. How can I let them to eat millet?? Thanks
  10. L

    A Strange Bird...

    Hello! My name is Crystal Listerman and I have three birdikins. My birds are: Kiki, a skyblue female parakeet, who I rescued from an abusive/neglectful situation; Bibi, a Cobalt blue male parakeet who we got to teach Kiki and her (now deceased) sister how to eat foods which are healthy for...
  11. Lyndsay

    Newbie Here...would love some input

    Hi, All! I’m a new Budgie owner as of a few days ago. (Couldn’t be more excited!!!!) My 12yr old daughter actually became one a few weeks back as well. Anyways, since google only helps so much and I feel like I’m more confused after doing some research on the internet, I would be so grateful if...
  12. miya

    Help Finding New Home - 2 Male Budgies in Central NC

    Hi, all. Long time no see. I used to be pretty active here but have not been on in quite a while.. This was the type of post I never thought I'd be creating, or would ever want to, but here I am. I currently have two male budgies named Kiwi (green) and June (blue, also goes by Junebug).. And...
  13. BudgieLuv


    I need some parrot experts, I'm having a bit of an issue with my bonded budgies. I have 3 pairs and 2/3 won't mate, they'll preen, feed, sit together, scratch heads, sing, etc. They live in the regular breeding cage, 2 perches, breeding box and the other necessities they need. They've bred...
  14. P

    Parakeet small cut on foot

    my bird has a small cut on his foot was bitten by the other parakeet. There is no bleeding but its a little red with a little skin. I have read that some people used Neosporin but some say it's ok for parakeets and some say it's bad for them. I'm not sure what to do, any suggestions or help...
  15. L

    Biting Budgie Draws Blood

    One of my budgies, Sky (or Skylar Blue when she’s being naughty), has suddenly gotten very aggressive. The first couple months I had her, she was fairly sweet. The last 4 months or so though, she has started biting all the time—both in and out of the cage. I have bite marks all over my fingers...
  16. M

    Urgent Please help me :(

    Hey guys, so I have parakeets and I noticed something in their poop. Now I was 100% sure this was not bird food. Because its kind of like a round yellowish ball with a dot. I do not know where this is coming from. But I did take a picture. The one in the arrow is bird food, and the ones circled...
  17. Emma O'Donnell

    Male budgies mating? What to do?

    Hello, I have two budgies, one is about 2.5 - 3 years old and the other about 1 year old. (I didn't know their exact ages when I adopted them). They both display behaviors and physical characteristics of male birds. I will post pictures of them...Oliver, the youngest, has a blue cere. Snowflake...
  18. M

    Which Room Heater I Use For Birds???

    Hi, I want to know about Heat lamp for parakeet. Which heat bulb or lamp is best for parakeets??? Can I use normal room heater for them or only I should use infrared heat lamp or bulb??? Many bird shop's owner suggest me to use this (see pictures) Does using this infrared heaters or...
  19. PippinLovebird

    Parakeet Sick? Or what....

    I just got a parakeet a few days ago, and She/he has not drank out of their water or eaten food yet that I have seen. She/he has eaten millet though. Anyway, her tail slightly bobs up and down when breathing, I am not sure If that is an issue though. What worry's me is... When she trying to...
  20. Rei.dot

    A budgie for my budgie

    So Yuki my first Budgie has been pretty much trained . Steps up, eats out of your hand friendly nibbles warnings nibbles when she’s done for the day . I wanted to wait until she got to shoulder bird status before I got her a partner . But she was definitely getting depressed my company wasn’t...