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new budgie owner

  1. LilyPoll12

    New budgie owner, stressed budgie Help

    I’ve recently brought a new budgie, I have always loved birds and owned 2 different pairs of budgies in the past. This one is on his own as I didn’t have much luck taming the others in pairs, he’s been fine, completely normal new budgie behaviour, not eating, drinking, moving, but I’m quite...
  2. C

    New owner, opposite sex budgies. Please help!!

    Hey there, new to AA, but currently need help! I'm a college student that has wanted budgies my whole life. I got one for Christmas, a male blue budgie named Gumball. Before the start of this spring semester, I decided to get a second budgie to be a companion for Gumball. I had thought I had...
  3. I

    How do I get budgies to trust me

    I've had 2 budgies for about two weeks, and they seem not to trust me at all. They keep turning their backs on me and when I get too close, they sometimes try to fly into the cage. Is this normal or should I do something about it? How do I make 2 budgies trust you? Thanks.
  4. LMan98

    My budgie isn't drinking water

    My 3-6 month old budgie (the pet store didn't tell us the exact age) has been with for about 3 days now. I've noticed he hasn't been drinking, but is eating just fine. I haven't seen the water level change every time I change it but I tried to feed him some apple to give him some moisture from...
  5. N

    2 New Budgies

    Hi everyone! Im so glad I found this group. I recently got my first budgie about a month ago... alone.. yes I know lol when I saw how much he needed a companion I got him a friend. So I have Yoshi who is still young but older than the baby. Stitch is the newest addition and Yoshi loved him or...
  6. tiki07

    Update on my new bird!

    This is my budgie Tiki. A few months ago, I was worried about his beak and also about how to get closer with him so I posted here! I got so much feedback and I am thankful for everyone's advice. His beak is definitely better! I am still confused about his gender - but I believe it's a male...
  7. tiki07

    New budgie! Some questions

    Hello. I'm sure there are thousands of this type of posts. I think I've read all of them. But I still feel hopeless... or at least, I'm not sure what would be right for me to do. I got my budgie on 11th of October. He's a male. He's always been distant. For 5 days he refused to eat. He...
  8. kifird

    Newbie to birbs

    Hey folks, I just wanted to drop in and join this forum to ask for advice, and hopefully give some advice to and from other bird keepers. Right now, I have one budgie, and I have many questions to ask about this budgie. Here's a low res picture of my bird. (Nua is the birds name) Also...