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new addition

  1. Gokha

    New bird advice?

    Hello everyone! So I finally managed to convince my husband to get one more birdie :D We’ll be going to different breeders next week and here in Dubai most breeders usually have a selection of species. I started this thread because I’m considering several species, but not sure which one would...
  2. K

    Video Is my bird preening our baby bird?

    We got a baby (8-9 weeks old) Sun Conure just yesterday, this is our first time getting a second bird and getting one so young. We have another bird at home, a Quaker parrot who's about 9 months old and has aggressive and territorial tendencies. We've tried to keep them apart from each other...
  3. P

    Urgent Black toe, please help! I'm losing my mind??

    About a week ago I got a beautiful male parrotlet feom a breeder. I thought i had found a good breeder "Flybabies Aviary", however I am afraid I might have made a made the wrong choice. The poor guy is sweet but not at all ajdusted to my presence, he will accept millet from my hands but is not...
  4. honeykat13

    Introducing New Cockatiel

    Hello! Sorry if this is a frequently asked question. I am getting a new friend for my cockatiel, and I am really hoping that they'll like each other enough to share the same cage. I have read that I should first put them in separate cages across the same room for one or two weeks so they can at...
  5. sydneytiel

    Second cockatiel??

    Hii! I'm new to the site (so I hope I'm posting this in the right section hahaha) and I would like to ask some advice: I got my first cockatiel ever a month ago, she (I think it's a she) spends most of her time outside her cage, loves to cuddle and always wants to be with me. Should I get her a...
  6. mcbirdie

    New Member - HI!

    Hi there! I'm new here, nice to 'meet' you all :) I've actually been following this forum site for a few years (without an account), but have now decided to join so I can have the opportunity to ask questions, comment, etc. I'm about to finish my first year of Veterinary Medicine (studies...
  7. bosh

    Pictures Hello from San Francisco

    Hi! My name is Danielle. I'm a 27-year-old registered nurse from San Francisco, CA. I recently welcomed an almost-six-month-old Solomon Island Eclectus boy into my home, named Pancho(or "Panchito" if you like). He has been home with me for a little over a week now, and so far, all seems to be...
  8. SunConSimb

    7 year old newly adopted

    This is Simba, a 7 year old surrender female whom flew to onto me one day while I was checking out the bird store and she was attacking someone trying to get her out. Apparently she chose me. Ever since we’ve been very close. Thanks for letting me join the forum and I’m learning as I go but I...
  9. BirdBonkers5

    Is Anythin Wrong?

    Hi guys! I just got a new canary today named Spice! :heart: I bought him home a few hours ago, and he seems fine and is eating and drinking, but his 'chirps' are really soft... My other canary, Chili, has a high-pitched, long chirp, but this one has a kinda low, short chirp. It's only the first...
  10. Guibirb

    New partner for Gila

    Hello again everyone! I have a feeling my feather buddy might be in dire need of a friend in the recent future. My mom has expressed her dislike for birds in general in the past, but I think she really is coming around to like Gila! But she said only one bird though.. So I have three...
  11. Rei.dot

    A budgie for my budgie

    So Yuki my first Budgie has been pretty much trained . Steps up, eats out of your hand friendly nibbles warnings nibbles when she’s done for the day . I wanted to wait until she got to shoulder bird status before I got her a partner . But she was definitely getting depressed my company wasn’t...
  12. PrettyBirdy

    Poncho's finally coming home!

    Back in march I posted about a mustache parakeet named Poncho, who belonged to my boss, that I was possibly going to adopt from her. After a lot of thinking, talking, adjusting things, everything is decided, and I am bringing him home on the 15th! I am BEYOND excited. He's 30 years old, a...
  13. Garet

    Pictures It's been a while, so... Meet my new baby

    Well, I always wanted a conure, buuut I wasn't a fan of pineapples... Until this lil gal found her way home. My mother rescued Kiki from a bunch of children who were trying to kill her, and I had to rush to pick her up from the schoolyard. She had flown there looking for help, got caught in a...
  14. Nicole Bred

    Help! Did I mess up?

    Hello! Me and my boyfriend just yesterday bought a cockatiel (3months old from a breeder) and we brought him home and he sat with me while watching my boyfriend set up his cage, he was nice and let me pet him and all this jazz and once the cage was done we put him in to clean up. But that’s...
  15. C

    Adding a Second Cockatiel

    Hello everyone! My husband and I were blessed with a wonderful cockatiel, Arthur, about a month ago. This bird has completely turned our life around and has been amazing to us: tame, sweet, cuddly -- everything we could have hoped for and more. Recently we were considering getting another...
  16. SavannahAnnV

    Looking for a parrot to join our family

    Hello everyone! I am so excited to get back into the bird world. When I was 17 I had a cockatoo, Linnie parakeet and had been a foster home for an Indian ringneck and rose breasted cockatoo. Now I’m 24, I have two kids under 5, own my own home, am a stay at home mom, and am so ready for a...
  17. Nestum

    New bird, new worries

    This week I'm going to pick up a two month old pearl white faced Cockatiel, independent, an absolute cutie. I think it might be female but it's still too young for me to know and I'm probably not getting a DNA test anytime soon. Either way I'm going to name it Plato since my last bird was named...
  18. Lily’s mom

    New bird quarantine

    I’m getting a new bird this Sunday out a not so great place. I am going to keep the new guy in a different room than Lily. However, when I called an avian vet and asked wether I should bring them one at a time (Lily needs a yearly checkup and the new guy need a checkup) or together they said I...
  19. J

    Hi there!

    Hello! Just joined so I can ask questions and take the very best care of my new budgie Jan. I'm new to being a bird parent, so any help is appreciated!
  20. Emma675

    New Baby Ring-neck Parrot

    Hi everyone, my family and I recently got a ring-neck parrot called Ollie. He is only a month old and not very comfortable around us yet, we know it will take time, but we want to help him become happy here. Is there any tips to help him feel more comfortable? He loves his cage and when I get...