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  1. Stevetomobs

    Help with placement of a makeshift nest?

    Hey I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on here, sorry about that. But recently I put the nest back in the group cage and two females are fighting over it, and one of them is my lil one Greenbean. Getting far to persistent at this and has gotten herself injured trying to claim the nest and...
  2. Atomiklan

    Second clutch

    So Charlie & Emma are on their second clutch (at least since arriving home with me) and interestingly enough, Emma decided to only lay 6 eggs this time. I know you may be asking, "I thought you weren't going to let them lay eggs this time?" Originally yes, that was the plan, but then I thought...
  3. Atomiklan

    Pictures Casa De Finch

    So I finally got around to building a new home for the chicken nuggets. Their original home was purchased at the store and it worked, but I wasn't happy with how I had it mounted in the cage, or the poor job I did lighting it. Whenever I needed to remove the coconut, it was always an ordeal and...
  4. CEM Webster

    Blue and Gold Macaw: "I have decided that I will hatch this orange."

    Tequilla the Blue and Gold Macaw, Tequila the blue and gold macaw - Home | Facebook, is at "that time of the year" and she has decided, as best we can tell, to try and hatch an orange. She'd been building nests anywhere she could get out of an easy line of sight, and we'd been taking those...
  5. Atomiklan

    Withdrawn behavior

    So I'm guessing I already know the answer to this question, but I figure I will check with you all just in case. Emma the last week or so has become really withdrawn. Its difficult to coax her out of the cage. She doesn't seem to want to fly around anymore to stretch her wings, and she is...
  6. Atomiklan

    Emma & Charlie are parents!

    Well at least they are on the way... As anticipated, Emma laid her first egg today. She seems to have immediately taken to sitting on it as opposed to waiting a few days to start incubating. I'm guessing this may be because she is still a young inexperienced parent? Or, perhaps its just her...
  7. Atomiklan

    Pairing up

    So I am getting a little concerned about my pair and need a veteran here to put my nerves to rest. I am fairly certain now, lets say 90 - 10, that I have a male and a female. The light brown finch seems to be the male. The first two nights I had them, they perched together. I cant say for...
  8. Anna Ivanets

    Urgent Cockatiel wont sit on eggs!

    I bought my cockatiel female a mate last year. for the first time I have put a nesting box in their cage. they have layed 2 eggs in the past week, were waiting for more. They have been sitting on them until today. I decided to go out and buy a better nesting box for them and I have placed it in...
  9. Beccakistler

    Cockatiel HELP

    Hello, I'm new here and need some advice. I have what i *believe* is a female cockatiel called Ruby. She is nearly 2 years old. She is a very happy bird and live in our bedroom where she has free reign but sleeps in her cage at night. She also claimed one of our sock drawers as a "nest" / nap...
  10. B

    Common for Glosters to bully Americans?

    When our 2 Am. "males" built a nest and lay eggs, the Glosters pestered them til they got their own cage and nest. Now they've had to go back into the flight cg, new nest in tow. They won't use it! Help
  11. BigRedDoberman

    Nesting material and other questions

    Evening - I just got two lovebirds, I am going to assume they are male and female, but that is more from their actions. The male - Leo - stays out of the nesting box, eats some, chirps some, eats some more. The female - Karma - has lived up to her name - she's a ***** around that box. The...