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  1. B

    Lovebird nail length: is this overgrown?

    My bird has been standing at the bottom of the cage recently and I’m worried it’s because his nails are overgrown…
  2. J

    Overgrown Nails

    My GCC's nails are pretty overgrown. I've noticed when she walks (especially on flat surfaces) she's pretty much walking on her nails. I haven't been able to find a groomer/vet in the area that's willing to clip her nails (her regular vet is 2 hours away), and clipping her nails at home is a...
  3. H

    Funny foot

    I think my budgie has a broken foot, we have cut the nails to see if it would help, but sadly the nerves are very long and we can’t cut much, we are not really sure of what to do other than go to the vet, any recommendations? He is his usual self its just his foot so not sure if hes being...
  4. N

    Nail trim help?

    My tiel, who is around 6 months old now, is in need of a nail trim. The issue is, the vets around me do not do bird nails, and he refuses to let anyone near his feet. I heard an apple tree branch as a a perch can take off the sharp tips? I was also thinking of ordering a nail filing perch? he...
  5. LydiaB

    Trouble Trimming Eddie's Nails

    Trying to trim my Quaker parrot, Eddie's nails has been an absolute nightmare. I'm fine taking him to a professional, but I'd rather do it at home since its much cheaper. I bought some quickstop and nail clippers, hoping to try it for myself. I'd already trimmed a few bird's nails at the bird...
  6. Atomiklan

    Nail clipping time!

    It is getting VERY close, if not past time for me to do some nail clipping. I am terrified to do this! Not because I am worried about cutting physically, I understand the process and what not to do. I am just sooooooo worried about stressing them out to the point that they become fearful of me...
  7. EarthToEcho

    Nail Clipping Safety Tips?

    My bird Medoh's nails really need a trimming and while I could go to a vet, he just gets so nervous and shaky when we do that I'm worried for his health. I can do them at home (I have styptic powder and also used to clip dogs nails at my job so I know about the quick and how much to cut off). Is...
  8. A

    Health suggestions for Gilbert?

    Hi there! New here; but I had a few questions about my families budgie Gilbert. We've had Gilbert about 4 years now from the local pet store. His beak turned blue when he was young, but has been brown for at least over a year so I suspected I might have been mistaken on the gender! I'm...
  9. Adam Duxbury

    Sharp nails / bleeding after cut

    Hello again, I just remembered to ask. The lady who has an African Grey offered to clip his nails some time ago and she just took the tips of the claws off and was only a tiny bit because she didn't want to go too far and it still bled a little and the Galah was off with us for around...