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  1. G

    Beak and Nail Trimming/Filing

    This isn't really a Heath question... it's more of a grooming/care question. I usually trim my birds' nails with animal nail clippers, but I sometimes nick the vein and I feel like filing would be way more gentle, just to remove the sharp tip and round it at the end. Should I use a glass file, a...
  2. J

    Overgrown Nails

    My GCC's nails are pretty overgrown. I've noticed when she walks (especially on flat surfaces) she's pretty much walking on her nails. I haven't been able to find a groomer/vet in the area that's willing to clip her nails (her regular vet is 2 hours away), and clipping her nails at home is a...
  3. afflewoom

    Pictures parakeet (4 yrs) missing a whole nail/talon

    My parakeet, Alright, is missing a whole nail on his right toe(?). I never noticed this before. He doesn't seem to be in pain or plucking any feathers out. Should I take him to the vet? What reasons could he have for not having a nail?? am i overthinking this?:starscfe:I haven't seen this before!
  4. D

    Broken Nail

    Hi, it's my first post on this forum. Yesterday, I noticed my cockatiel had a broken nail, pretty much in half. It looks like there may have been a tiny drop of blood, since the end of the "new nail" is a bit brown, but if there was, it dried up quickly. I called my vet and he just recommended...
  5. Zara


    It´s no secret that I am a huge fan of pedi-perches - but only certain ones. I just want to post a thread with some info, so that I can reference it in the future instead of posting the same info multiple times and missing important parts. I stand by my pedi-perches, and only one of my birds...
  6. brinney

    Urgent Nail cut too short

    My spouse was cutting our cockatiel Lio’s nails, and cut one too short when he wriggled in his towel burrito. It was bleeding a lot, we put cornstarch on it and it stopped for awhile. The toe got wet though, and started bleeding a lot again. For now it’s stopped, but we’re concerned about him...
  7. Scarlet&Annie

    Toe nail got hurt, do I need to do anything?

    Her toenail broke a little in one spot, do I need to do anything? Will it bleed much or is it okay? Sorry, my camera would not focus it There is a little blood. Thanks!
  8. Skittles26

    Nail issue

    Hello! So I just got a new budgie yesterday and I have just noticed that the budgie has two toes (one on each claw) which the nail is growing upwards rather than downwards? I’m not entirely sure whether clipping the nail down would help? I have put a cuttle fish in the cage to see if it helps...
  9. R

    Urgent Ruby's nail fell off

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here So last night I noticed that my budgie's nail fell off, I can't tell if it fell off completely or if a piece of it is still there. Ruby has been in her cage doing nothing out of the ordinary. She can sill move, fly & even use her toe to rub her face...
  10. LydiaB

    Trouble Trimming Eddie's Nails

    Trying to trim my Quaker parrot, Eddie's nails has been an absolute nightmare. I'm fine taking him to a professional, but I'd rather do it at home since its much cheaper. I bought some quickstop and nail clippers, hoping to try it for myself. I'd already trimmed a few bird's nails at the bird...