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  1. Beki lou

    Mite scars?

    Hello.... I was just wondering if anyone could answer my query re my ino hen who’s in treatment for bad scaly face mites. She is getting better slowly I’ve noticed after nearly 2 weeks after her dose and I’m sure some of the nasty scales or scars on her eye have started to fall off? I’m...
  2. Jean20057

    SCATT for birds

    Ok, so I just got some SCATT for Perry. I know we have to put the drop on him on the back of his neck (?), but is there a place precisely that I should be putting said drop? Because they rub their heads on their preen gland, I just don't want him to accidently end up with the SCATT on his...
  3. M

    I have a problem in my new birds with quarantine session

    Hi, Few days ago I bought some Budgies and keep them in separate room and in separate cages from my aviary for 16 days. In this last 2 weeks I notice they are healthy. In this last 2 weeks I give them spray for mites, anti viral medicine spray and give them to natural remedies against virus...
  4. TurquoiseBirb

    What Is On My New Cockatiel?

    I have looked EVERYWHERE to try and find out what this thing is , and he wont let me get a good look at it. Also, does he possibly have mites?
  5. VelvetMariposa

    Quaker Itchy Foot

    Hello everyone! I recently got a little Quaker called Bobbi who is currently about 21 weeks old. He’s a very active bird, constantly chirping away and moving around his cage. Unfortunately, when we first got him, he had mites, lice or something similar and was constantly scratching and getting...
  6. EPS

    Bird mites in spray millet?!

    Hi all - Has anyone experienced bird mites or bird mites in spray millet?! I am very concerned because I think I've spotted mites while cleaning up after my bird. I have a suspicion that they might have been blood mites, so I inspected my bird's head and feet a few hours after lights out...
  7. M

    HELP- unhealthy feathers

    Hello! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I need help to figure out whats wrong with my budgie Maya, but first, little bit about her: -She does not like human interaction but trusts me enough to let me feed her, have my...
  8. Spudpig

    Mites! Maybe...

    I sold a old ferret cage and went over to the new owners house to help set it up. While there I met, played with and handled her ferrets. I then found out they just got back from the vet that day and have eat mites! I got home and threw my shoes in the freezer, put clothes in laundry and took a...
  9. birbie

    mites on budgies

    I recently took 2 of my budgies to the vet and she said they have knemidokoptes mites; I had taken them in because I thought one of them had bumblefoot, and the other needed a nail trim, but she said both of them have mites and other birds in the room might be affected as well. She recommended...
  10. L


    Hi. I found a several bugs the size of a pin dot. One in a drawer on paper and several on a paper plate under my dogs bowel. I've never seen these before here! Could they be mites from my tiel? I found my tiel a few months ago in my yard. He spent about 2 weeks coming to my feeder and...
  11. Nimily

    Urgent African Grey Bald Spots - Worried

    Hello everyone, About three and a half years ago, I was given the most amazing opportunity (because of these forums) to adopt my African Grey Henry. Henry is now 14 years old, and has only plucked once in his life during a time of distress many, many years ago (literally he plucked for one day...