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Mite scars?

Beki lou

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Rebekah Taylor
Hello.... I was just wondering if anyone could answer my query re my ino hen who’s in treatment for bad scaly face mites.
She is getting better slowly I’ve noticed after nearly 2 weeks after her dose and I’m sure some of the nasty scales or scars on her eye have started to fall off?
I’m delighted coz it seems to be really helping her but will the whole thing fall off eventually. She had quite a cluster by her eye ( I rescued her and she had this already poor thing) and I think she may now also be blind totally in that eye as she turns her head as if can only see one side
So basically my query is will she eventually be free of the horrible cluster and is it possible that she could of been blinded from this condition.... she must of had it some time.
She’s actually cheeping this morning and hadn’t done up till now when you interacted with her. I hope I’m not getting ahead of myself as she was a poorly little bird.
Any one have any answers for me pls?


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