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lovebird aggression

  1. Celery

    My lovebird bites me after i got him a partner.

    More then a week ago i got a lovebird and called him kermit. Because im still busy i got him a friend yesterday and a few hiurs after when i come near the cage he bites me or starts to be aggressive how do i have him stop and rebond with him?
  2. tezz

    A few concerns

    Hey! First time poster on this forum so sorry if this is in the wrong section. So I have a lovely little lovebird called Levi. I'm not sure if Levi's a male or a female as I haven't had him sexed yet but I default to calling him a he. I got him from a well known breeder in my area. When I got...
  3. M

    Are my lovebirds compatible ?

    Hey guys so long story .. I have had my lovebird Mushu since March . He was given to me by my mother in law who had a pair. she received them from a friend who Apparently did not want them anymore ( not sure of their genders by the way)..While these two were together Mushu always got the worse...
  4. Newbie1000

    New bird advice? :)

    Hi everyone!! I’m looking for any advice you guys could give me! I just received a beautiful Fischer’s lovebird yesterday and although I’ve done some research, I’m still a bit lost on how to give him the best life possible. To start, this little guy is a few years old, I’m not sure how old (the...
  5. Dextine

    They think I'm their mate!

    Hey guys, I own two male lovebirds. They are on a pellet and seed diet and I try to get them used to veggies. They have a very big cage and lots of toys they enjoy. They get 12 hours darkness. I've noticed that if I using a baby voice to talk to them is a hormonal trigger and I am now avoiding...
  6. Nicole & Leo

    Question About Birds and Schedules

    Hello! This is my first post to Avian Avenue (Yay!). My fiancé and I have a two year old Lovebird named Leo. He's got a huge personality for such a little guy! He lives in a very large enclosure, as we wanted to allow him some flying space when we are at work during the day. He also has many...
  7. W

    Love Bird Attacks

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for about 8 months now and she has had her lovebird for almost a year. She is a female lovebird and for a while really took a liking to me. The first time she bit me it wasn't very hard but it was enough for me to shake her off. Since the day she bit me, she...
  8. Tahlee

    Rescue Lovebird

    I have a fischer's lovebird named Bria who I rescued last November. (I have no idea it's age or gender but I just call it a she) She flew into a spiders web in my yard and I eventually caught her. I looked for her owners for months and no one came forward so she now has a loving, forever home...