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  1. J

    Barbering flight feathers

    Hello! My newest flock member is a 4 year old green wing macaw named Cami. He came to me with feather destructive behavior towards his flight feathers. The previous owner tried a lot of things including imping him and nothing has helped, everything came back clear besides for a bit he had...
  2. aidan16

    Seeking Tips and Advice for First Time Bird Owner!

    Hello! First, apologies, because this will be quite a lot to read! :shy:My name is Aidan, and I was looking into getting potential advice and input from experienced bird owners! I've wanted a pet bird my entire life, and I am finally in a financial and realistic place to do so! I am getting...
  3. G

    Is my conure making my budgie hormonal?

    Hi everyone, my female budgie (Ocean) and my female pineapple conure (Zendaya) are extremely close. So close that I believe that Zendaya is making Ocean hormonal. Ocean constantly lays eggs but immediately abandons them and will go right back to feeding Zendaya. I’m just trying to figure out if...
  4. Csolis22

    Miracle cure for severely hormonal Lovebird!!

    Hi everyone, I have struggled for years with my lovie and her hormonal behavior. She has been a chronic regurgitate, regurgitating all day hourly. She stopped being active and would just fluff up and regurgitate this milky fluid all day. She was losing weight. She would be going to the vet...
  5. Mason and Kiwi

    Regurgitating on EVERYTHING!

    Hey everyone! Obviously hormone season is here it seems for a lot of people, including for my conure! So this time Kiwi, my 5 year old green cheek conure, has been regurgitating on EVERYTHING. Like literally everything. Thankfully not on me, but I mean it. The towels on the floor, the floor...
  6. katm89

    Hormonal feather destruction

    Hi all! My bird is at it again with barbering/chewing her feathers. I found out this past spring she was a girl when two eggs appeared in her cage initially I thought her barbering/over preening was due to low humidity in the house over fall and winter, but now it seems the barbering begins...
  7. B

    Deslorelin Implant Help

    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and desperate. I have a two year old cockatiel named Pietri who I love dearly. I have been dealing with her being a chronic egg layer and an extremely hormonal female tiel. I am currently going to a CAV near my home who has been aiding me in treating her...
  8. Cheekyboy

    green cheek conure displays of aggression?

    Hello all, I have a 1 1/2 year old male green cheek conure that I believe is showing signs of hormonal aggression towards one specific member of my household as well as outside visitors. When we first got him he was good with everyone for the most part, up until several months ago when what...
  9. cricketiel

    Does mating dancing mean eggs?

    Hi everyone! I'm sure I'm just being a hyper-paranoid bird mom right now, but my 2 year old female cockatiel keeps doing a little mating call/dance and I am terrified that it means she is going to lay soon. I took her to the vet last time that she did this and she didn't have any eggs at the...
  10. erineliot

    Hormones, diet, weight

    My Amazon, without question, has hormonal issues. She wing flaps, does a little dance, and then rubs her vent on me or objects constantly. She recently started regurgitating (which was the last straw that lead me here). She does it all, essentially, with the exception of feather plucking. I...
  11. cricketiel

    Mating Dances and Pants Plucking

    Hello all, My 2 year old female cockatiel just started doing what I presume to be a female mating call/dance (as I watched videos of female mating calls on youtube and it sounds exactly like she does). She sits in her food bowl while she does this, which makes me concerned that she might be...
  12. imchives

    2.5 month old GCC already hormonal?

    Hi everyone, so I was spending time with Mac this morning and he started head bobbing like birds tend to do before regurgitating. He didn’t actually spit up anything as far as I could tell, and stopped after a bit and requested head scratches. I know that regurgitation can be a sign of...
  13. S

    Pictures Hormonal Lovebird

    Hi, so I really need some advice for my lovebird, Boba. This post is kind of long and I think some parts may be unnecessary, but I really need to vent. Background: I have had him since late August of 2020, and I believe that he's around a year old now. I first bought him from a breeder, and he...
  14. LydiaB

    Quaker won't stop masturbating and gets aggressive frequently. What do I do?

    My quaker parrot, Eddie, has been masturbating a LOT for the past maybe 8-10 months. I've been meaning to ask about it, but it's kept slipping my mind. It hasn't really gotten in the way of anything and I don't see it as necessarily harmful, but then again, I don't know. The way he does it is by...
  15. cricketiel

    Training to Minimize Flock Calling

    My cockatiel has always been extremely good and quiet, willing to self entertaining and play with her toys. However, for the past week she has been waking up without fail at 7 AM, flock calling extremely loudly until I uncover her cage and let her out, and then continuing to flock call all day...
  16. Samuel124

    My ring neck and my girlfriend

    My mom 4 months ago decided to get an Indian ring neck,who we called kashmir, the owner told us they were 6 moths old when we got them so they Should be around 10 months old now but I’m not sure if that is their age as I have no reasons to trust their previous owners who clipped his wings quite...
  17. S

    Can conure babies get hormonal?

    Hi there, We have a yellow sided male conure that is ~12 months old. He is already showing some homornal signals towards our five year old conure, whom we think is a male (never confirmed). A conure doesn’t hit puberty that early, does he? i should add that the five year old is often showing...
  18. M

    Never ending Regurgitation wiggle

    Hi everyone! My first post here! I spent some time looking through the existing posts to see if I could find anything that narrowed into my subject, though nothing I didn’t already understand through previous research. I have a wonderful green cheek named Zazu, who’s celebrated his first...
  19. Atomiklan


    Sigh, Lada has started "gurging". Looking for any tips and tricks anyone out there might have to help. I'm not so much looking for explanations. I know whats going on and why and I am already working to reduce, well... in a constant battle really against the dreaded eckie hormones (aren't we...
  20. parrotman

    Koki laid 4 fertile eggs, what do i need for baby birds?

    Alright so, my parrots have a nest box in their cages because they were being hormonal and wanting to mate, 10 days later koki laid 4 eggs(all fertile) so I'm wondering what equipment i will need for the baby birds