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  1. W

    hormone time!

    so ive had my quaker for a few days now. hes really awesome and has learned to say step up and come on and whistle. i am his person. he tolerates my fiance. he is ok with my kid....except during his hormonal time, which is right now. ive been careful not to bop at him, pet him anywhere BUT his...
  2. lovebirds


    Our avian vet insisted that we tried the supplement "RELEAVES" for our lovebird hen who's on the implant and showing hormonal behavior after 9 months of having it inserted (it used to stop working in a much shorter period of time). We're not doing the whole 3 days of lights on, she suggested I...
  3. L

    Is this hormonal behavior?

    My tiel is scared of toys. He gets as far away from them as possible. I've started making very small toys. A string with a cherio and a couple one inch pieces of paper or cardboard on it for instance. He lowers his head to the perch and turns his head sideways with the top of his head...