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Regurgitating on EVERYTHING!

Mason and Kiwi

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Hey everyone! Obviously hormone season is here it seems for a lot of people, including for my conure!

So this time Kiwi, my 5 year old green cheek conure, has been regurgitating on EVERYTHING. Like literally everything. Thankfully not on me, but I mean it. The towels on the floor, the floor fan, the edge of my PS4, the bedsheets, stuffed animals, not really any of her toys weirdly enough, but soemtimes on the big playstand made of PVC pipe and vet wrap I made her.

This includes if I'm trying to sleep and something outside wakes her up, she starts trying to regurgitate on her perch or the cage bars. I can't see her doing it since she is covered, but I can hear it.

She has done this before, except usually she would be far more aggressive as well and I would take her to the vet and gave her Lupron injections which worked. However, this time she's not aggressive and really the only problem is the regurgitation and sometimes she tries to masturbate on the bottom of the fan.

I'm not really sure I want her back on Lupron just because we're moving at the beginning of June and I'm worried if I don't find an exotic or bird doctor there, they'll be able to continue the treatment. Or maybe it'll be done by then? All these years I've had her and hormone season has very blurred lines for me lol.

Anyways. I make sure she gets 11-12 hours of darkness per night, but like I said she wakes up at every little thing now that it's hormonal season. Plus, regardless of when I put her to sleep, she wakes up at 6:30AM almost on the dot and refuses to go back to sleep even with it still being dark. (Her bedtime is 7PM.)

She eats Zupreem Natural Pellets, her veggie mix every morning, and she has foraging toys and little pill containers that I put quinoa and treats in for entertainment. She does not have any huts or nests or any dark spots available for her to hide in. She has all the toys and plays with them and I swap them out, but it just isn't enough still.

It's like I'm following all the steps to keep hormones lower during this season but nothing is working. Hormone season is inevitable but what do you guys think? Is this something I just have to wait out or should I take her to get Lupron injections again?


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