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hand feed

  1. Birbmum

    5 week old love bird feeding issue

    Hi All, I'm seeking guidance on managing a pair of particularly challenging young birds. With my extensive experience in hand-raising numerous birds, I've never encountered any as tricky as these two. I've been nurturing two Fischer lovebirds, now 5 weeks old, since they were 2 weeks old...
  2. alyxctt

    hand fed lovebirds starting to reject food

    My baby lovebirds are a little more than 35 days. Both are fully feathered and are able to perch, preen, chirp, and try to fly. The white lovebird (no name yet, feel free to leave some suggestions!) likes to flap her wings in the brooder when she thinks nobody is around. Kind of like the adult...
  3. lioen


    So i had some mating birds for a while now, and one egg just finally hatched!! im so excited, but the information online is a bit scattered. It says i should remove it for handfeeding 3 weeks from birth, but it doesn't specify what to put in the formula, what tools to use, etc. I'm new to this...
  4. K

    Hand Feeding / Weaning - 8 wk Sun Conure

    My fiancé and I brought home an 8 wk old sun conure yesterday. He’s hand fed many birds but never with the syringe attachment in place. The breeder has been using one, but didn’t advice against us using a regular syringe without the attachment - in fact, she said it should be fine. So, couple...
  5. Mariam2020

    Cocktail 2 weeks old not begging for food.

    Hello everyone ; I have bought two baby cocktails four days ago , first I took them to an avian vet to check if they are healthy which they were . I took them home in noticed the bigger one named Nazoo did not beg for food at all , so I assumed she/he was scared of the new home she/he was in so...
  6. Choco

    Urgent Baby cockatiel

    Hello guys I got a 3 week old baby cockatiel yesterday and I’m hand feeding him but he refuses to eat What should I do ? is he just not hungry ? He is kinda sleepy too idk what to do
  7. maounm

    15 weeks old GW

    Hello everyone! My GW is 15 weeks old now. I hand feed him around 12 pm 60ml and then at 5 pm around 60-100 ml. Is that enough? i give him veggies fruits nuts and other stuff and he eats a bit. what should the feeding schedule be at this age?
  8. A

    Broken beak and jaw hand feeding

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and not sure if I am even putting this in the correct thread. But I figured y'all would have the best advise. Short version is my beloved green check conure fractured his jaw and his bottom beak one day ago. He has been to the vet and we were told to hand feed with a...
  9. Baby blu

    Hand Feeding Macaw Chick

    Hi everyone! This is my first post although I’ve been lurking for a while and reading all the baby macaw threads and the wonderful advise you have offered! Thank you for the great resource. So I’ve previously hand fed an eclectus chick. I am now the proud owner of a baby macaw who is four...
  10. D

    Handfeeding help

    Hello, if you haven’t read my last post my conures had three babies and two of them died. You can check my posts for more information. I have the baby with the parents but I am handfeeding him. Should I separate him? I have a question. It is being so hard to feed the baby, he gives me a...
  11. Zara

    Mousebird care and species information

    Here are links to recovered information posted by Susanne Russo; Mousebird species size and weight: https://web.archive.org/web/20160519222735/http://www.mousebirds.com/species-size-and-weight.html Visual difference between species...
  12. Zara

    Video The princess eating her breakfast

    I made this video 4 days ago and forgot to post it :facepalm: She loves her formula so much, but if I try to touch her she gets dramtic about it. She wants to eat from the syringe all on her own. She is 18 weeks old and has formula twice a day. (Yes I have stuffed toys, I addressed it in...
  13. Bekky

    Hand feeding new rescues

    hi all! Some of you may have seen my first post where I introduced the three rescue birds I got from a hoarding situation. At the time they wouldn’t let me take anything else but I got them to give up the baby Sun Conure and Baby Green Cheek they were trying to hand feed... I am an experienced...
  14. T

    Baby Lovebird Advice

    I've got a bit of a wild story, and I'm looking for advice from some lovebird experts... I live in Phoenix, AZ, and for those of you who do not know, we actually have a thriving population of African lovebirds (the populations started from birds that escaped from pet stores). They only survive...